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brewing salts

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  1. R

    paralysis by analysis - Brewing Water Modifications

    I want to start modifying my brewing water and i've overloaded myself with research. I have not gotten a water report yet. I did purchase a PH meter. I read and own Water by Palmer and Kaminski. I use a Culligan in-line filter on my outside hose tap for water and consistently make beers that...
  2. micraftbeer

    LaMotte Water Test Kit Hands on Trial

    I recently did a hands-on trial of the LaMotte BrewLab Plus water test kit. I was skeptical going into it with all the "chemistry stuff" involved with test tubes and droplets of solution A and solution B. But I was surprised how it was actually kind of fun, and the distinct color changes as...
  3. A

    Brewing water salts preparation

    Hi all. This is the first time dealing with brewing salts in my homebrewing journey. I have downloaded bru n water and calculated the additions i need for an ipa i am brewing tomorrow. I have a rather basic question. I was wondering if it would be ok to weight the salts and acid additions for...