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  1. pharaohpierre

    Thoughts on Saison/Farmhouse Yeast

    Hey everyone, I have a few years of brewing under my belt, but I have never tried to brew a saison and I love that style of beer. I was thinking of doing a dry, slightly peppery and citrus version with maybe some hop presence to it as well since I am a hop head. Either way, it doesn't have to be...
  2. D

    Bottling year old beer. Yeast help?

    Hey yall, Getting back into after a near year long hiatus. Firstly, I'm wanting to bottle a cream ale I've had in the primary for 325 days lol. I imagine all the yeast is dead . I bought a packet of us-05. Should I add tiny bit of yeast to each bottle or to the bottling bucket? I know it may not...
  3. yungalb

    Brownish yeast after starter

    Hello fellow brewers. Pitched half of my lager starter into a German Pilsner yesterday, and the other half into a jar to keep in the fridge, like I usually do. But today when I checked the jar, I noticed it was browner than the rest of my yeast. See photo of WLP028 and this yeast for...
  4. Stonks

    Hi everyone, I am looking to brew a skeeter pee without a slurry

    I will follow the recipe on this website exactly, with the exception of the Yeast Slurry. I would like to use Lalvin EC-1118 yeast packets instead. I was looking at alternative solutions and searched elsewhere on the message boards, but couldn't really find a definitive answer. I'm not...
  5. AntDoctor

    Michigan Looking for yeast strains from the now-defunct Craft Cultures company in Michigan

    I'll be living in Michigan this summer, and I want to make a Michigan brew that's VERY Michigan-focused. Through my searches, I learned that Michigan used to have its own yeast company, but it seems that it must have closed during the pandemic or something. I know this is a longshot, but I'm...
  6. Sergiy

    Frozen wlp yeast

    Hi everyone, I put my wlp yeast in freezer by mistake and pack was there for about 2 week. Do I have a chance with a starter or they are dead?
  7. Sr_X

    How to start brewing cider

    Hello there. I am absolutely new to the brewing world, however I would ardently like to prepare my own cider. Short story, I lived on a country where finding cider was easy, and then after a few years, the situation changed and the country where I am located now has a lot of fruits, but...
  8. S

    Sour tasting ciders and mead. What gives?

    Hi guys. So all ciders and even mead came out SOUR tasting. They are dry as i used Montrachet yeast. I even tried Premier Blanc and both yield dry but SOUR taste. I'm ok with dry but sour taste notes bother a bit. I am looking for opposite of that, slightly sweet. Same thing happened with my...
  9. MikeFallopian

    Wyeast London Ale III vs Lallemand Verdant yeast

    I was planning a few brews with wyeast London Ale III, and was wondering if anyone has compared Lallemand's Verdant yeast alongside it. I'm aware that this is a dry version of London Ale III (be it a mutation or not), just wondering if anyone has compared the two for performance, ester...
  10. D

    Yeast harvesting/washing

    Always such good advice on here... I use a conical for fermentation that I dry hop in. Can I still harvest the yeast to use again? Will it matter if there are some (I use a hop bag) hop bits in it? Thanks for your input in advance!
  11. C

    Fluctuating temperature during fermentation

    Hello. Question: Does a continuous fluctuation of +- 1 or 2 degrees (Fahrenheit) have a large impact on fermentation? Background: I live in a small apartment, so I don't have the room for a chest freezer to control the temperature. When I brew, I place my fermentation vessel (glass carboy)...
  12. Julian Høstan Urrea

    DIY Magnetic Stirrer by SmallSpacesBrewing

    Hey guys. Ive just posted a video on how to make your own Magnetic Stirrer. Hope you'll check it out. If you have any questions, ask here or please comment below video. And of course like and subscribe
  13. S

    Maybe it's too much honey

    I'm making my first batch of mead in a plastic jug with holes poked into the lid and a balloon stretched and taped with holes in the top to be sure it's a good seal, just to give you an idea with what I'm working with. Anyway, I made this fermentation 3 days ago and it's going strong, the jug is...
  14. M

    Maybe I'm not so sure now

    I don't remember from years ago when I did my other couple of batches but I don't think I've seen this sort of stuff on the top of the beer. I racked to a secondary after 13 days. I used a carb cap, stainless cane and one of those 'sterile' filters to blow in after rinsing with bourbon and...
  15. mistermaker

    The old Chouffe bottle

    TL;DR : I want to harvest very old yeast from a very old chouffe bottle. Hello everyone, I recently did some work in my grand-parents house. That's when I came upon this old "chouffe" bottle (see attached pictures) I there were alot of floating sediments so I decided to first cold crash it in...
  16. Rottenfence

    Only 6% ABV first cider

    Hey guys! Last night I used my hydrometer to check the FG and it read 1.028.. leaving me at 6.17%. OG: 1.075 FG: 1.028 ingredients: one gallon organic apple juice, one pound of brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, whole clove and raisins. I tasted the cider and it taste great (sweet not dry) So...
  17. H

    fermentable sugars in my sourdough bread

    Hey y’all! Not sure if I should post this in the fermentation/yeast section or the mash section. Sorry if this is the wrong place. I have a question about fermentable sugars in my sourdough bread to use in a single grain (sourdough bread) brew. I’m gonna try my hand at a Kvass basically. All...
  18. Rottenfence

    Hard cider with Lalvin ec-1118

    Hey guys! This is my first post but I’ve been in the shadows reading a lot of y’all’s opinions lol okay so I’ve successfully made an IPA style beer and a honey ale from brew to bottle. This is my first stab at hard cider. The recipe I used was one gallon of organic apple juice, two cinnamon...
  19. Rottenfence

    Lalvin EC-1118 hard cider

    Hey guys! This is my first post but I’ve been in the shadows reading a lot of y’all’s opinions lol okay so I’ve successfully made an IPA style beer and a honey ale from brew to bottle. This is my first stab at hard cider. The recipe I used was one gallon of organic apple juice, two cinnamon...
  20. D

    Lalbrew London ESB Yeast - Aggressive

    So put my first batch of Best Bitter down last week and had to go out of town for a few days. When I got back the fermenter had blown off the bung and even lifted the lid of the plastic bucket fermenter a bit. I cleaned it up and replaced the bung and took a gravity reading. The OG was 1.044...