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  1. G

    Help! What apples do I have?

    What apples do I have on this tree? And any tips for making cider with them? Cheers!
  2. Ritsuko Akagi

    Fermentation only taking four days?

    I am trying to make my first batch of cider and every thing I read said fermentation should take about two weeks. I have my first batch of five gallons of cider The bubbling stopped after only about four day so I opened it up checked it today it was flat no bubbling. The initial gravity rating...
  3. B

    How to judge a SMaSH comp?

    Hey guys, So I'm running a Homebrew Club, and for the last year and a bit we've been having competitions bi-monthly on a given style. We've been judging these based on BJCP standards, with the idea that it could help us learn and edit our beers to get better and possibly enter in regional...
  4. K

    Assistance/Input about backsweetining

    Hello all, just signed up to the site as I was hoping to get some input. I have been homebrewing cider for a few months and have been using the same recipe, very simple setup, so far my friends and I have really enjoyed the cider I produce but this batch I wanted to change up the...
  5. Beersiden

    I NEED 12 oz boston round glass bottles

    I have been searching everywhere for them and only need 2 or so cases but i can not find them and the few places who i have found to have them want to sell me hundreds if not thousands of bottles. If anyone has information on this it would be much appreciated. I live in the lower 48 of the USA.
  6. C

    I used 2oz of 10+% AA hops in the boil and my beer is NOT bitter - Help?

    I have been having the same issue with my home brews from day one - almost Zero perceived hop bitterness. I have tried boiling longer, harder, cooler, shorter, dry hop, whirlpool, you name in and still I sit here with a beer that is good but not great. I am finally of the opinion that my water...
  7. M

    Infected or yeast pockets?

    Hello! Super new home brewer (only 3rd brew). I brewed an oatmeal stout back in around November. I moved it to the second fermentation in December. I’ve heard of most people keep stouts in longer, so I was just getting ready to bottle it and saw these bubbles on the surface. I tried looking up...
  8. T

    Looking for SCOBY love in NYC

    Hello! I'm new to brewing Kombucha and am really excited to start and learn as I go! I was really wanting to see if there was anyone from NYC that could donate/or I can buy a Scoby to help get me started. Just was really hoping to get a scoby from a actual person rather than ordering online...
  9. MaxTheSpy

    Faulty Readings?

    I've been using Tilt to log my SG and temperature for the last 6 days of my brew and Its been working amazingly well except for a few spots with notes over them Blue is Sg and Red is Temp. There are two blue peaks that I have no idea what happened with. Do any of you have any ideas of what is...
  10. MaxTheSpy

    Starting A Website, Need helpful eyes.

    Im starting a website so that I can document everything and hopefully get my friends and family into making mead as well, I have a page with a how to make mead section and I was wondering if you all could look it over and give me some suggestions on how to make it better or more accurate? Here...
  11. Infantryjared1

    Maple Porter-when to add the syrup

    Hello everyone. My very first brew is a maple porter. It's a kit I got for Christmas. Anyway, the directions say to add the syrup 5 days into fermentation and swirl the carboy. I'm brand new, but what I've read suggests that may be late to disturb the yeast causing off flavors. It calls for only...
  12. Cameron Engelbrecht

    Storing Dry Yeast

    Hello! I am very new to home brewing. I recently bought dry yeast from northern brewer that is designed to be pitched in a five gallon batch. However, I am only brewing 1 gallon batches at the moment. Is there a way I can store the unused yeast after I open the package without contaminating it...
  13. Brewfawx

    What to do with spent grains?

    Hey all, Im looking for something to do to repurpose my spent grains after brew day. I dont have livestock or chickens, so is there anything I can do with my grains? Fawx
  14. H

    Help regarding hop residue for NEPIA style (Taste like hop tea)

    Hello! I have brewed maybe 20 batches total but recently gotting into the hop heavy NEIPA style. My first try was a 12 litres batch where i used 320g hops (dry hop included), only 50g at flameout and rest below 70C. I double dryhopped, half at high krausen for bio transformation and rest for 3...
  15. Bryan312

    Mead advice!

    Hey all long time reader first time posting, I’ve been making wine and beer for about 3 years now and spirits for about 2 and I e been a chef for 13 years. I just got a hold of 10kilos of pasturized honey for free from the restaurant and thought I would try to make mead. However I’m not sure...
  16. V

    Lazy NEIPA Recipe Question

    Riding the coat tails of a few 15 minute brews I have decided to give a NEIPA a try under the same concept and would like some feed back on the process, my biggest question is how / when to incorporate flaked oats into the process. Please let me know if the grain bill is to much as well...
  17. exaideum

    Fermenting sour and wild ales outside

    Hello Beer-internet! So I'm running low on space inside my small house and I'm considering building a small air-tight unit on the side of my house to hold all of my smaller 1-5 gal fermenters that are housing long aging sours. Is that a terrible idea? I've only been making sours for a little...
  18. A

    Adding fireball to an apple cinnamon wheat ale?

    So I am brewing an apple cinnamon wheat ale next. And I was wondering if anyone knows if fireball would be good in it? If so how much should I add? Also if i do add it. Should i do it before the primary fermenting? Or before secondary?
  19. W

    Help with BIAB recipe

    I am going to brew this recipe https://beerandbrewing.com/thresher-coffee-saison-recipe/ (also here https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/680127/thresher-coffee-saison ) but it is quite vague, on sparging especially with the second link not mentioning it at all. can anyone help me...
  20. Brewfawx

    First attempt at a sour, Help?

    So i recently got a smaple of some wild yeast from the coast, and after the sample fermented out it smelled sour, but in a very pleasant way. I wanted to make a sour beer with it, and wee what came from it. I was thinking of doing a sour blonde ale with strawberries, but I have no idea how to...