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  1. BigMooseBrewing

    Help Me Build My Home Brewery Setup on My Budget.

    For the past few years, I've honed my brewing skills using a modest setup: a kettle on the stove, alongside some plastic buckets and carboys. After diligently saving, I'm ready to invest in my first all-grain system, adhering to the philosophy of prioritizing quality to ensure a lasting...
  2. B

    Newbie already made a mistake?

    Hey guys, new here and good to be here! Just started my first brew kit on an american IPA. My question is, i foolishly added the boiling water to the malt and for some reason i didnt add cold water after mixing and adding the sugar… i let it cool down before adding the rest of the water. Will...
  3. William Wallace

    Is this mold?

    Hello everyone, Hoping to get some help with this one. I've been scouring threads but cannot quite find anything like this. I started a traditional batch of mead about a week ago. 3lbs of Great Lakes honey, spring water, D47 yeast and some yeast nutrients. About half of the honey was...
  4. ceefo1

    Spices? fell to bottom of 1 gal mead carboy

    Hey all! New to mead making. I just started a primary with some ground spices and less than 5 minutes into the process, it seems they have all fallen to the bottom. I used 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ginger and 1/2 tsp nutmeg. I also used ec1118 for yeast and some ferm K. It's this normal? I've...
  5. B

    Massive boil over, loss of 1/4 of wort. What do I do now?

    Hi all, this is my first time doing a 5 gal boil. Did something stupid (don’t put a lid on your boil) and loss about a quarter of my wort. Pot came off of the boil as the flame got knocked out and I scrambled to clean it up. Placed it back on the fire, got a rolling boil now. Question is, should...
  6. C

    Beer came out wrong

    I just tapped my corny keg of lager and it came out all muddy and it tastes weird. I used the craft a brew light lager 5 gallon kit, which I’ve bottled before and it came out great. The beer looked good when I transferred it from the fermenter to the keg a week ago. I set it to 10 psi and last I...
  7. A

    Help with fermentation problem

    In running into a problem with a sour beer I’m brewing. I decided to try a new yeast my local brewers shop got called Sour Pitch. After 36 hours and no action in my bubbler I did some research I read that the yeast needs to ferment between 86-103 degrees but I have to ferment around 70. My...
  8. CallMeKiupid

    My First Brews .... what should I look out for?

    As can be expected from a total Newbie and a first time Mead maker I am trying to wrap my head around it all. My query is in 2 separate and arguably unrelated parts. Part 1 I ordered my first mead making kit from CraftABrew. It comes with Lavalin d42 and some yeast nutrient. The recipe calls...
  9. M

    Help: Fermentation Not Starting

    Made some mead tonight but it does not look like fermentation has started. I am very new to this, looking for some guidance. Picture of Jug Materials: Honey 3lb: Local Hive and Nate's Cleaner -> Starstan (diluted according to instructions) Yeast -> D47 (whole pack) Yeast Starter -> AD343A...
  10. parks1031

    Brown Ale Recipe Scaled Down

    I am new to brewing, only brewed three batches of mead and want to branch out and try beer. I found a recipe for a brown ale that I am really interested in trying out. The recipe is: 5.5 G batch, mash @ 152* for 60 min Grains 6.5# 2 row 3# rye malt 2# biscuit .75# chocolate malt 350L .5# C60...
  11. Rett03

    Don’t know why I keep getting lacto infections

    I am a new brewer and I have finished three beers and have a fourth in primary fermentation now. All of them tasted great before I bottled and primed, but when I open them two weeks later they’re mostly flat and sour. After the first one I figured I wasn’t sanitizing carefully enough so I...
  12. B

    Help with Jockey Box Setup

    Hi all, Homebrewtalk noob here. I have a jockey box on wheels that I intend to rent out for parties, tailgates, weddings etc.. But I am having trouble getting it to pour without sputtering as soon as I pull the tap. Also, the beer is very foamy. The bubbles are quite big if that info is of any...
  13. M

    Saving My Mead

    Hi all, I decided to make my first mead batch yesterday night. I will start by saying I decided on making a strawberry-pineapple mead, and I wanted this batch to be a sweet mead. The whole thing may have been a bit more advanced than I was ready for, and I made what was probably a few rookie...
  14. Temples brew

    Might have messed up

    hey fellow homebrewers, so I’m making a sweet strawberry mead and I think I added too much fruit and honey and not enough water. It’s only been 2 days into fermentation and I realized this is only going to yield maybe 2 liters of mead at most. Is it too late to add a bit of water?
  15. C

    Campden Tablets and Fermentation Question

    I am new to mead making and decided to buy a 1 gallon mead kit from a local brew supply store. The instructions stated to add a crushed Campden tablet to the must 24 hours before pitching the yeast. Beersmith (I brew beer regularly) stated that I should only add 1.5 grams of lalvin 71b to...
  16. H

    Oops! Added too much sugar during bottling. What now?

    I just finished bottling my first ever batch of apple cider. I am using a craft-a-brew kit from Grolsch, and when I made this batch, I only used a half-gallon of raw juice, while the instructions are for a full gallon. However, I forgot this when mixing the priming sugar. The instructions said...
  17. D

    First time brew high abv? Did I screw up?

    I recently started home brewing on a whim after finishing my masters degree, and seeing a TikTok that made me realize it was something I was interested in. I bought what I thought was a full homebrew kit for mead on Amazon (come to find out just a one gallon carboy, yeast a nutrient), some...
  18. D

    Need a little guidance

    I'll start by admitting I'm very new to this whole business and rushed into it without doing much research. What got me interested in this at all was some random youtube video so I'm very green when it comes to fermentation and mead making. On the 15th of Febuary I started fermenting my first...
  19. SaltedSeabass

    Initial Original Gravity is too high and I added yeast. What should I do?

    Hi all, so I think I now understand the hydrometer better the morning after I already added yeast to my first batch. I'm using Fleischmann’s active dry yeast, which has a cap ABV I've read of 12%. However my original gravity was over 1.140. If the gravity after fermentation ends on the average...
  20. G

    Help with strawberry-apple wine pH/funky smell

    Howdy HBT, I was hoping someone could give me some guidance on what to do about this wine I was making. I used frozen strawberries, raisins and apple cider. I don't think the recipe really matters but I can post it if it would help. Basically, I made the must but had no acid on hand, so it went...