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  1. J

    Could moving the brew on day 1 kill it?

    Hi, my son and I have had a go at making our first ever home brew stout from a Wilko kit called "Artisan Brewing Chocomeister Premium Stout Kit". It was an impulse buy in the shop as I had bren thinking for a couple of years about doing it, but never got round to it. So I read the reviews...
  2. D

    Questions from A college Student Part 2:

    Hello everyone. I recently posted a few weeks ago talking about an entrepreneurship class that I'm involved in. My current project revolves around solving and issue or creating a business idea within the craft brewing space. My initial idea was to create local competitions/events for homebrewers...
  3. D

    Questions for Homebrewers from a College Student

    Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Murphy, and I'm a current college student. I'm a class called Technology Entrepreneurship, in which we're tasked with creating the barebones of an actual tech startup. I've always found the craft beer industry fascinating, more specifically I've always admired...
  4. T

    Kilju turned into soda?

    I’ve been brewing kilju with turbo yeast for the last two days, I used just under a gallon of water with about 6 pounds of plain table sugar and a quarter packet of 48 hour turbo yeast. I checked it this morning and found that it’s EXTREMELY carbonated. I stirred it just a little and it fizzed...
  5. Jel91

    Dank IPA recipe and schedule check

    Hi, I'm working on a recipe for a dank piney IPA with some floral/fruity in the background, and I have come up with something like this. I've never used Chinook before, and I have only recently started playing around with my own recipes so I would appreciate any input about this recipe and hop...
  6. Zzyzx Rhoades

    First batch, worried about infection

    This is my first attempt, starting off with fresh organic apples from a local farm, and had them pressed for me at a local cidery. Trying to go with natural fermentation, so no campden or metabisulfate, no yeast added. Straight into a 5 gal and 3 gal carboy with plenty of headspace for primary...
  7. Jonnynz

    Forgot to mix brew extract in boiling water..

    Hey guys, Just made an extract brew (mangrove Jack's craft series single hop simcoe IPA, if you fancy looking it up) and I am concerned I've stuffed it up.. First I put 3 litres of boiling water into fermenter. Then added the mangrove syrup extract to that water. Then added the dextrose. And...
  8. prah

    Robust Porter... maybe?

    Hi folks, i'm a farly new all grain brewer (currently on my 5 batch), I absolutely need your advice on this one: on my last batch i was ready to brew a Stout so i bought a good amount of Maris otter as base malt and some specialties... except roasted barley (LOL) so i decided not to go for the...
  9. Z

    Help with 1st mead batch

    Hey everyone so i started making my first mead batch from a mead making kit off amazon. Ive always wanted to try making it so this seemed like a good way to get started. I'm about 2 weeks in after setting it aside in a cool dark room, about 69-72F, and a friend mentioned that I should separate...
  10. Silverfishstix

    Is my first batch doing okay?

    I just started my first batch of 1 gal. of mead a few days ago, and so far, it is not fermenting as fast as I expected it to (it's releasing a bubble every 7-8 seconds). I'm used about a third of a packet of Lalvin EC-1118 and 4 lbs of honey in my batch. For reference, I have a batch of cider...
  11. A

    Is this cider salvageable? Spiderweb-like white growth on top...

    Hi all, I have a cider that I racked to secondary (with what I realize now is way too much headspace :S) about 2 weeks ago. About a week into the secondary, one carbuoy started to develop a white film on top that has since grown quite a bit. From some digging in these forums I think it might be...
  12. Kory Kullander

    New to brewing!

    Hi there, My name is Kory, and everything ive been looking up has directed me to this forum... so first off, let me thank you all for contributing as its grown my knowledge of what im doing from a 0 to a 1.2/10 already! But... im looking for a bit more of a personal touch to my super...
  13. LTBradley

    Strawberry Ginger Saison

    Greetings! I've been researching recipes and guides for a strawberry saison I'm looking to brew for a competition in 2020. I'm very much still in the planning stage right now, but I'd like some ideas about using ginger and honey with this recipe. Currently, I'm working off a recipe that I found...
  14. Sonesen

    Bottle conditioning

    Hey folks, got a 14.5% wine that i'm ready to bottle. Has a boozy taste, not yeasty or fizzy. to my understand bottling and time will help that. how long do you think? 6 month in 750ml bottles? was a 6 gallon batch - Blood orange.
  15. V

    Help? Maybe?

    I started a one gallon batch of mead last night. It is my first time, woke up this morning to look at it pictures to show, is something wrong with it? Do I need to fix it? How do I fix it? What went wrong if anything?
  16. Gregory T

    BIAB and Water PH

    I have a PH question on BIAB. I brew mostly blonde beers and PH seems to be a challenge with BIAB. I use brewers friend. A recipe with 9 lb German - Extra Pale Premium Pilsner Malt 1 lb German - Vienna 0.5 lb Belgian - Biscuit 0.25 lb German - Melanoidin 1 lb Belgian Candi...
  17. smirdok

    Help w/ Off Flavor in multiple beers, across multiple batches

    Hello to all! I thought after many trial and error, frustration, and many "sentence enhancer" words, I would finally post my problem to see if anyone could help Dx my off flavor. First, I've been brewing for a number of years now from extract, partial, to all grain. I use a 16 gal pot with a...
  18. T

    Help with first time build

    I finally finished my kegerator build last night, only to wake up this morning to find that the compressor went out on the old mini fridge I was using overnight. Today, I went to bestbuy and bought a Frigidaire model FFPE4533UM, to try and get things going again since I have a full, pressurized...
  19. C

    Pulled a total rookie mistake...need advice

    I got a used conical and used it for the first time recently. Beer had fermented out and had a blowoff tube in a bucket of StarSan, about half a gallon of sanitizer. I opened the bottom value to dump the trub and forgot to removed the blowoff tube from the StarSan. Yup, I created a vacuum and...
  20. michio

    Mead taste good, smells awful. suggestions?

    Hey Y'all My watermelon mead wasn't (link) a complete disaster. The taste came out tasting, like watermelons of course but the smell is awful. It smells like bad watermelon or a dirty shoe and smell is sort of apart of taste. No bacteria growth as far as i can tell. Good clarity and Fermented...