Forgot to mix brew extract in boiling water..

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Jan 6, 2020
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Hey guys,

Just made an extract brew (mangrove Jack's craft series single hop simcoe IPA, if you fancy looking it up) and I am concerned I've stuffed it up..

First I put 3 litres of boiling water into fermenter. Then added the mangrove syrup extract to that water. Then added the dextrose. And then cold water which put the overall liquid temp at about 19 degrees Celsius. Only then did I realise that I hadn't stirred anything. So I stirred the now cold liquid. I could see the syrup wasn't mixed/ dissolved. After stirring for awhile it appeared maybe dissolved but my sample tasted rather bitter.

Will it all mix up and come right when the fermentation gets underway? Or will it remained unmixed and undisolved?

Cheers and thanks from NZ :D.
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Hard to really screw up badly on most extract kits. I think you should be fine.
Cheers guys, I appreciate your collective optimism :D fingers crossed!