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  1. M

    Indiana Blichmann Conical 14.5 gallon for sale

    Blichmann 14.5 gallon conical for sale. Extra lid gasket. Extra pressure relief valve assembly. Thermowell with tri-clover "T". 1 Inch bottom drain ball valve with tri-clover fittings. Multi-step tri-clover adjustable racking valve. Improved tri-clover rotating racking arm. Custom fixed...
  2. V

    Illinois 2 x 20 gallon conical fermentors with glycol chilling

    I am selling 2 conical fermentors on a rolling stand that is glycol chilled. There is a cooler attached to house the glycol with a 5k btu air conditioner coild cooling the glycol. Comes with control panel that allows gylcol temp to be set along with independent temperature settings for each...
  3. B

    WTB 14 gallon as brewtech conical

    hey everyone, I’m looking to pick up a ss brewtech brewmaster 14 gallon conical fermenter. Honestly if anyone had the 14 gallon unitank I’m pretty interested in that sucker as well.
  4. B

    Brand New Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro Edition

    I have 2 brand new Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro Editions for sale. They are not in the original box, but they have never been used. I bought 4 of them but I am finding that I only ever have a need for 2 of them at a time. They are really easy to use and the easiest conicals to clean...
  5. B

    First Time FastFermenter

    To all my fellow FastFermenters: I am using the 3 gallon conical for the first time. I attached a larger mason jar to the unit, and after a week of fermentation, I've got an 8oz mason jar full of trub, as well as an additional 1L of trub in the fermenter. I am trying to figure out the best way...
  6. Surly_goat

    SS Chronical Brewmaster Cip

    Hey Guys Getting ready to build my next setup. I'm thinking I'm going to go with a Chronical Brewmaster for fermentor. I'm just curious if anyone has one that they clean primarily with CIP. I've had great results cleaning Sankety fermentors and cornies in the past with a 1/4 HP sump and CIP...
  7. WilderBill

    New 27 Gal MoreBeer Conical & Arduino Based Temp Controller

    Greetings folks, I have not posted on any brewing forums for years and years but I’ve got a new project that I figure some people may be interested in. Background: I bought two MoreBeer 12 gal fermenters back in 2008. I then made an AC unit glycol chiller for them based on “Backyard...
  8. Nebraskan

    The Minibrew® 6.5xe gallon fermenter newer model

    What are the opinions of conical fermenters, and this one is the newest model the 6.5 gallon XE model with improvements over earlier models. Just wondering about 2 things. Is conical a good choice? 2. If you...
  9. F

    14G FastFerment Presale

    Hi Everyone, We hope the week is going great! All of our products at Fastbrewing & Winemaking come from suggestions from homebrewers and winemakers. We love getting feedback on how to improve our current products and also what we should make next. Please keep emailing us with your questions...
  10. FenoMeno

    Fermentation schedule conical conversion

    My BeerSmith Brewsheet schedule is calling for a primary/sec fermentation schedule. I did not see an option in the "My Equip" (beersmith) list for fermenation vessel. I am using a 15 gal conical. Anyone know if Beersmith has an option for this, or how I would convert the schedule to conical...
  11. mvestel

    Ultimate Conical Fermenter design

    Hi, We have a home brew setup and want to improve the fermenter. We currently brew about 22 gallons, but hope to increase that to about 35gal soon. Or we will make two worts and transfer both to one fermenter. My goal is to build an ultimate fermenter. I’m looking for designs I...