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Jan 24, 2017
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Plymouth, MN - terrible tap water for brewing
I'm a BIAB brewer. I also put the hop pellets in a large(ish) fine mesh bag similar to a BIAB so the hop gunk I get in a fermenter is low.

I built a plastic conical fermenter and this is the first time using it. In the other big DIY plastic conical fermenter thread I see people doing dumps of trub part-way into fermenting. I thought I'd try the same thing, not necessarily with the intention of harvesting yeast this time, but just to get familiar with the new system.

There is very little 'gunk' in the bottom of my fermenter. Only a few inches. I'm guessing because I BIAB and use a bag for hop pellets this keeps down much of the gunk. But I thought there'd be more yeast.

I brewed on 1/12, so this is day 10 of fermentation. I'm making Sparky's Nut Brown Ale and pitched at 65F using 3 packets of dry Nottingham yeast. I did NOT re-hydrate. I let the temp drop down to 60F (took about 4 to 6 hours).

I started out the first 5 days at 60F and the next 5 at 63F. Tomorrow the fermenter is scheduled to bump up to 65F.

Here is a super short video of what I got out of the conical today. The flask is 2 liter. The entire amount seem pretty runny compared to other videos of conical dumps that I've seen online. It doesn't seem like much yeast to me. But the flask was in the fridge only about 30 minutes.

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