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  1. bknifefight

    Time to bottle?

    I have my first batch of mead in a carboy right now and I am wondering if it may be time to bottle. A little info: - I made this mead on 11/21/09 - Sometime in early January I siphoned it into another carboy off the gunk that had settled to the bottom. - The last I checked the SG was...
  2. A

    Oily Layer

    My beer has reached its FG but there is an oily layer on the surface. What does this mean. Is it still okay, shall I go ahead and bottle it? thanks
  3. H

    Problem with carbonation

    I am very new to home-brewing, and in fact, just opened the first bottle of my second batch from a Mr. Beer kit. The first batch I did came out pretty good! A slight yeasty-taste, but other than that, it was tasty, well-carbonated, and looked great. This bottle I just had from the second...
  4. A

    when to bottle

    I am a begginner home brewer and we have just decided that our beer has finished its primary fermentation as the hydrometer reading has not changed for 3 days. Should we bottle now and add the priming sugar to allow carbonation or should we transfer the beer to another container to let it clear...
  5. mwilliams72707


    I went to bottle my beer today and noticed that there is mold in the airlock... I used vodka in my airlock and there isn't any mold that I can see growing in my beer. It's currently in a Better Bottle Carboy and I'm not sure if I should go ahead a bottle it... I don't want to bottle it and wait...
  6. johnnybrew

    Moving Fermentor When Bottling

    This is my first post here and I am wondering if someone has any comments related to moving my fermenter prior to bottling? Here's the scenario: 5 gal glass carboy (secondary ferm) is on 2nd level of my home (in a room where I can regulate the temp best). I want to move it to the kitchen...
  7. N

    Re-usable labels

    Hey everyone, I'm working on a new homebrew product (re-usable labels) that I expect to be available in the next two months, but I'm trying to gage interest in such a product. If you have 5 minutes, please click the link below and fill in my survey. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks...