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Rhode Island Complete Home Brewery and Draught System - 1/2 BBL, all accessories

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Jan 6, 2010
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- Complete 1/2 BBL brewhouse with water filter, inline pump, tippy-dump insulated mash tun, and custom-welded frame
- Complete 4+ tap draught system with chest freezer, corny kegs, CO2, and perlick faucets
- Full fermentation setup including yeast starting plate, lagering fridge, heat pad, and custom hot/cold temperature controller
- Every accessory imaginable

$3,000 OBO

Pictures at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zyHO_YJgrIwgKgqzx53EYqcOKmGEEkCM

Complete list:

1/2 BBL brewhouse
Inline March pump with temp guage
HLT keggle with thermometer and sight glass
Gravity fed liquor and wort transfer
Tip / dump insulated mash tun
Copper arm for wort recirculation and carboy filling
Cam lock tubing connections
Copper immersion chiller
False bottoms

13.2 cu ft chest freezer. Holds 4 corny kegs plus co2, or 2 carboys plus space. On custom wheeled platform. 2 baskets
Lagering minifridge, fits 1 carboy
Temp controller (analog) - Johnson controls

Custom built hot and cold temp controller 1.00
better bottle - 6.5 gal 2.00
glass carboy - 6.5 gal 3.00
ph test strips 1
brewer's refractometer 1.00
bubble airlocks 4.00
goose neck airlock 1.00
carboy caps w/ blowoff port 5.00
carboy stoppers for airlock 2.00
brew hauler carboy handles 2.00
tube for hydrometer readings 1.00
home made stir plate with 2 magnets 1.00
2L yeast flask 1.00
1L yeast flask 1.00
wyeast chart 1.00
metal carboy handle 1.00
large racking cane / siphon 1.00
brewer's edge fermentation space heater 1.00
wine thief 1.00
true brew tall 6gal buckets w/ spout and lid 2.00
true brew short 6gal bucket w/ spout and lid 1.00
true brew short 6gal bucket w/ lid 1.00

pbw - large 1.00
starsan - large 1.00
starsan - small 1.00
iodine - large 1.00
carboy dryer 2.00
Mark's keg and carboy washer 1.00
carboy ramps 2.00
bottle brush 1.00
carboy brush 1.00

Barley Crusher malt mill 1.00
small plastic mash paddle 1.00
large wooden mash paddle 1.00
wort thermometer 1.00
large funnel w/ screen 1.00
wort aerator 1.00
large plastic mash paddle 1.00
10" water filter w/ hoses, fittings, and extra tank 1.00
25' potable water hose 1.00
brewer's best australian ipa kit 1.00
hose wye with tubes and valves at end for HLT and immersion chiller 1.00
propane tank guage 1.00
1gal pitcher, aluminum 1

bottle filler with spring stopper 1.00
home made draught bottle filler 1.00
02 absorbing caps, bag of 100 2.00
bottle drying tree for 96 bottles, with jet rinser/sanitizer 1.00
bottle capper 1.00
bottle rinser - screws to faucet 1.00
quick carbonation cap 1.00

corny kegs 5.00
perlick faucets 4.00
american sanke taps 2.00
sainless shanks, 4" 2.00
picnic tap 1.00
picnic tap assembly with tube 1.00
10 lb co2 tank 1.00
ball lock beer connectors, screw end 4.00
ball lock gas connectors, screw end 4.00
ball lock beer connectors, barb end 1.00
ball lock gas connectors, barb end 1.00
co2 regulator w/ rubber guage covers 1.00
4-way gas manifold with pressure relief valve 1.00
1/4 and 5/16 homebrew barbs and nuts 8.00
faucet wrench 1.00
ball lock connector washers, mylon flared 10.00
brass shank assemblies, 4", stainless collars 4.00
barbs for sanke taps 7.00
screw drive tubing clamps 20.00
sanke to ball 1/4" screw ball lock connectors, flare nipple 2.00
1/4" flare to barb adapter 1.00
keg lube 1.00
wing nut sanke/shank connectors - tail pieces 7.00
ball lock keg ratcheting wrench 1.00
keg pressure guage assembly 1.00
faucet caps 4.00
gas shutoff valve w/ barb 1.00
tap handles w/ label holders 4.00
small hole / dip tube brush 1.00
draught tubing cleaning kid with pump - "jiffy cleaner kit" with adapters and solution 1.00
baseball card holders, for tap handle labels, box 1.00
ball lock keg connectors, spare 6.00
ball lock keg lid gaskets 3.00
wooden tap handle face 1.00