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  1. Westgaard

    How much is too much?

    Good afternoon, Bottled/racked to second fermentation an apple wine today and I can’t tell if I need to add some fluid to the bottle or if there is enough in there to keep it from having too much oxygen exposure. I put a pinch of sugar in thinking that I might be able to get a small fermentation...
  2. MikeyXZ

    Re-using bottles and corking

    Hello all, I just joined the forum but I have been learning from it for quite some time now. I've been bottling my mead and ciders in Grolsch style bottles that I'm reusing from buying drinks that use them. I also have some Captain Morgan 750ml bottles and after some testing, I believe I can...
  3. J

    Rusted bottle capper

    Hi! From my last brew/bottling day I used Oxiclean to clean all my brewing equipment instead of PBW. This weekend I intend to bottle the batch that is fermenting right now, and while I was making sure I had everything ok, i noticed my bottle caper got rusted. Do you guys recommend using it...
  4. M

    Bottling Gun Vs. Counter Flow

    I'm wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are between the two different tools for bottling off a keg. I can pick up this counter flow filler for $30 today which sounds like a good deal to me. I'm wondering if it's possible to purge the bottles of CO2 with it first though, and if...
  5. B

    Bottling from Kegerator and Temperature

    I've got a corny keg of Belgian Golden Strong Ale on tap and I'd like to bottle a few direct from the kegerator and then ship them to a friend. The keg is obviously cold (serving temp) now. If I bottle at current temperature and then ship, will the beer heating up during shipping have an adverse...
  6. Sky_Blue_Waters

    Taking off the priming training wheels

    Just started home brewing a couple months ago. Loving it so far! Its much easier than it seemed at first considering all the equipment needed. I am going to be bottling my 3rd batch this weekend. Going to get supplies for a set up like Revvy has in the bottling forum sticky (Siphon + bottling...
  7. Jebu1788

    330ml Belgian bottle max CO2 pressure

    Hi. I just bottled a Belgian dubbel, and used enough sugar to get to about 3.0 volumes I believe, but may be a bit above (or below) that. I used primarily 330ml bottles from Belgium (St. Bernardus, Rochefort, etc.). Anyone know how much pressure they can hold? Any reason to worry about bombs?
  8. seatazzz

    Possible silly bottling question

    From someone who's been kegging exclusively for the last two years, I've got a batch fermenting that will get bottled since half of it is going to a friend. Just checked it this morning, after a week it's only down to 1.020 (yes hydrometer is calibrated) but it TASTES right, albeit a bit sweet...
  9. Iowa Brewer

    Bottling For Storage Before Refrigeration

    Hey all, Brewing an imperial IPA to be auctioned off as a case of bottles for a charity event. It's occurred to me that my normal routine of cold-crashing, kegging/bottling, and serving won't work this time around. I'm going to need to have this beer at room temp until the auction, and there's...
  10. lorne17

    Ginger Beer not staying carbonated or flavor in bottles?

    Hello there, I'm writing to try and figure out how to get to the bottom of this. I usually have Ginger Beer on tap in my kegerator. I like to bottle some for family members birthdays that don't drink alcohol. I bottle with a Counter Pressure Bottle filler from the keg tap. The issue I've...
  11. Dom Lausic

    Bottle Caps

    Happy New Year All! Looking for a great supplier of bottle caps.... Both custom and regular. My current home brew shop only has a few colours in stock, and I'm starting to have multiple batches with the same caps. So looking for some variety!! Would love to know where everyone else is...
  12. BigManJames

    Sparkling Water Bottle For Sparkling Mead?

    Disregard this, missed the part about this being for beer. Reposting elsewhere
  13. J

    My cherry chocolate milk stout no good?

    This is my 4th home brew. I decided to get creative.... I got the 1 gal chocolate milk stout kit from craftabrew I decided to add 1lb of cherry puree to 5 min left of boil. Og was 1.070 Fg was 1.030 I let it ferment for 3 weeks. I soaked the nibs in 3 oz of vodka for 5 days. Then added after...
  14. webtopf

    Bottling or leaving it for another month?

    Hey everyone. I'm in a bit of a difficult spot right now. I am going on vacation tomorrow for a month. My plan was to bottle my beer today to have it ready to drink when I come back. But yesterday I found out that the fermentation is still not done after two weeks. OG 1.040, last reading 1.019...
  15. sandphan

    Force bottling/exposure to oxygen

    Hi, I recently bottled my 1 week old secondary ferment Rose Petal IPA (i am a new brewer). During the bottling process I was an idiot and was bottling really slow because the spring wasn't loosened enough to allow good flow. I was siphoning it into the bottle (i didnt have a pail with spigot)...
  16. Q

    Adding priming sugar second time

    I bottled a batch of ale three weeks ago using bulk priming method. When there’s almost nothing left in a pale I’ve noticed that most of sugar didn’t dissolve staying at the bottom, which never happened before. I waited for three weeks, opened a bottle and, as I was expecting, it turned out...
  17. Killdozer666

    Rhode Island Parting out complete 1/2BBL Home Brewery and Draught System

    Complete 1/2 BBL brewhouse with water filter, inline pump, tippy-dump insulated mash tun, and custom-welded frame Complete 4+ tap draught system with chest freezer, corny kegs, CO2, and perlick faucets Full fermentation setup including yeast starting plate, lagering fridge, heat pad, and custom...
  18. H

    Bottling 'lambic' - FG 1.014

    Hello I currently have a 'lambic' that has been sitting in a carboy for a year now. Specifically, it is NB's Dawson's Kriek extract kit with Wyeast 3278 Lambic Blend. The issue I have is that it seems to have finished at 1.014. Gravity has not changed since I last took a sample 2 months ago. Do...
  19. W

    Capping magnum bottles

    I have got some 1,5L magnum champagne bottles which i am going to fill with beer and they fit a 29mm cap. Will a cap hold the amount of carb in a 1,5L bottle or is a cork necessary? Cheers
  20. W

    Magnum (1.5L) bottles

    Anyone have any experience bottling beer into magnum champagne bottles, like 1,5L. I have an idea of using them. I live in denmark but ordering bottles from anywhere in europe should be fine with me if anyone knows anywhere