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  1. MaxStout

    Preventing O2 ingress when cold-crashing for lagering - ideas?

    I have a dilemma. I have 5.75 gallons of lager (pitched W-34/70) in a 7 gal. Brew Bucket the ferm chamber, and in a couple weeks I'll be cold-crashing to lager for another month or so. I normally use a CO2 Harvester with 1/2 gallon canning jars to collect enough CO2 for the inevitable suck back...
  2. N

    Using fermentation pressure to bottle

    Alright, I have a feeling I'm going to get roasted for suggesting this but better that then I waste my time and money! What I'm attempting to do: I'll be brewing a few 3 gallon (both extract and all grain) batches using equipment I already own with the BIAB method. I want to ferment in a...
  3. EmptyGingerman

    Can I keep my brew in plastic for multiple months?

    I am making cheap closet wine, the taste here is unimportant, all that matters is that it has alcohol and that it's safe to drink, once the fermentation is complete, can I keep the brew inside the plastic bottle in which it was made? ideally for months
  4. U

    Corking a bottle with a scissor jack

    I've been using expensive swing-top bottles to bottle most of my wine, but I had an idea to try to reuse some of the bottles I get from the store. I thought about placing a wine bottle on top of a scissor jack and placing a solid piece of 2x4 on top of the cork (a #9) after I partially lodge it...
  5. Mattyg91

    Volume is off :/

    OK, so I’m new to all grain brewing. This is my fourth brew recently after taking a several year hiatus from brewing. The last three batches of brood have all come out to different volumes. The first batch I brewed field about 39 12 ounce bottles. The second batch filled almost 50 12 ounce...
  6. Brettgvdp

    Room temp. vs fridge

    Hi all. This might be a stupid question, but I am new to brewing so I'd rather ask. I have bottled some Scottish Export and let in sit at room temperature for 4 days now. According to the instructions that came with, I must let it carbonate at room temp. for 4 days and then put it in the fridge...
  7. mok_z

    Uh oh! Mould on outside rim of my fermenter!

    First off, I'd like to say I try to meticulous as I can with my sanitation. But I've just discovered a problem, when adding finings to my beer I'm due to bottle tomorrow... I opened up the rim of the fermenter, which itself has been confined to a fastferment jacket, for the first time since...
  8. S

    Sulfur Smell at Bottling Time

    I bottled a British Mild a couple days ago that had a sulfuric aroma when I cracked open the fermenter. I went ahead and finished bottling since it actually had a decent taste, but I had a couple of questions to run by y’all: 1. What causes sulfuric aromas in the first place? 2. Do these...
  9. Turtletank

    Hefeweizen over carbed?

    Just bottled 5 gallons of hefeweizen and i opened one 24 hours later and it's looking like i over carbed it. I put in 3.2 volumes of CO2 which equaled 12 tbsp. I didnt have a problem last time with the same amount. Maybe it didnt finish fermenting? It ended in 1.01 started at 1.044. Can i fix...
  10. S

    Preferred Bottles for Mead

    What are your preferred bottling methods for mead making? I started brewing beer recently, and had considered bottling mead in the same 12 oz bottles. Well, not with beer in them too, of course… 😉
  11. countercultureferments

    Bottling Fruit Beer

    Hey all, I am bottling for the first time in about two years after getting kegs. Bottling a cherry Sour for a friend. Going through fermentation right now and racking the beer onto the Cherry's prior to bottle transfer. Do i need to add carb drops or sugar to the mixture to ensure carbonation in...
  12. benbrewing

    Clarity before bottling for long term aging?

    Hi folks, Nice to meet people here, I am brand new here but have been experimenting with meads for about 10 years. How important do people think it is to let the carboy get totally or very clear before bottling? I have bottled recently some fairly clear to very clear ciders and I still see some...
  13. P

    Automatic sugar (solution) dosing machine

    "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." - Abraham Lincoln I prefer pouring priming sugar directly into bottles for two main reasons which are less oxygen exposure and even distribution. However, I don't have the patient to use a syringe...
  14. LloydGM

    Advice for calculating bottle priming sugar for partially-carbonated beer?

    Can anyone offer advice on how to calculate the amount of sugar (corn/dextrose, in my case) I'd need to add to each bottle when bottling partially-carbonated beer? For example, with 6 gallons of ale sitting in a FermZilla, 15 PSI at 70F degrees at the end of fermentation. I can easily bottle...
  15. B

    Dead yeast cells, carbonization and bottling

    Hi, I was interested to know about the community's thoughts. I have recently made another batch of Hefeweissen (my favourite beer), but I am still finding that I am tweaking the processes every time I am making in order to make a better and better tasting beer. Here's the question...After about...
  16. S

    First time cider - bottle conditioning/carbonation process

    So the wife and I made our first cider last night. We actually made four one-gallon batches in order to compare results from various yeasts, but set that aside for now.. Fermentation was already rocking along this morning in all of the fermenters so we've got a good start. We like dry ciders so...
  17. 43North

    Screw on beer caps?

    Can a Homebrewer use screw on caps? We can all get “screw lid” bottles for free.
  18. LloydGM

    Could I get some advice on bottling directly from FermZilla using a CP filler?

    I could use some advice from y'all regarding using a counter pressure filler (CPF) going from a FermZilla to bottles. (I'm still saving $ to build a keezer and switch entirely to kegging.) I have a FermZilla 30L All Rounder and plan to pressure ferment at 60-65F, and I can't refrigerate the...
  19. 43North

    Adding Bourbon At bottling?

    I’m going to bottle of milk stout in about a week and I’m wondering about adding bourbon to give the beer a poor man‘s attempt at bourbon barrel aging? Has anybody tried this at bottling? if it’s possible to add bourbon just before I bottle do I have to worry about adding less or more bottling...
  20. A

    The Brass Monkey and bottling..

    I came close to emulating the famous Brass Monkey when I bottled a batch yesterday, it was dam cold in the garage! The plan for this year is to brew frequently in Autumn (or earlier) and build up a stock to keep me supplied through the coldest months some beer choices are obvious, some less so...