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North Carolina All grain, kegging, bottles, everything's gotta go (RDU area)

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Sep 22, 2009
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cary, nc
I quit drinking and want to clear out some storage space and finance some new hobbies, so I'm selling off all my homebrew equipment. This is (almost) everything you need to brew, keg and bottle beer from all-grain batches as well as equipment for a kegerator.


Home-brew equipment includes:
Blichmann 10 gallon kettle w/false bottom and Autosparge - $230
2 5+ gallon kettles - $30
Wort Chiller - $40
2 better bottle carboys - $20
4 bottling/fermentation buckets w/spigots & tops - $7/ each or $20 for all 4
Hydrometer - $6

Bottling equipment includes:
53 pop-top bottles - 31 brown, 22 green - $1.50/bottle or $70 for all
Bottle Capper - $12
Counter Pressure bottle filler - $35

Kegging equipment includes:
3 - 5 gallon ball lock kegs - $50/piece
5 lb CO2 tank - $55
Regulator - $30
Ball lock tap - $12
Sanke Tap - $12

Kegerator Equipment:
Temperature Control Unit - $35
3 Way CO2 Distributor - $30

How to Brew - John Palmer - $10
Brewing Classic Styles - Jamil Zainasheff & John Palmer - $6
The New Cider Makers Handbook - Claude Jolicoeur - $20

Assorted bottle caps, miscellaneous tubes, hoses, stoppers and what not. Take more than $100 of stuff off my hands and you can have it.

A couple of notes:
The Blichmann is missing a small washer for the false bottom. It can be purchases at any home-brew shop for ~$2
The CO2 tank is past its inspection date. I'd be happy to do this for any buyer, but it'll mean an extra $35.
This has all sat unused in storage for years so anything rubber; gaskets, hoses, stoppers, etc. may have deteriorated and need replacing.
The collar came off one of the kegs. I still have it and it can be reattached easily with epoxy.

I'll deliver anywhere in Wake County for anything over $50
I'll deliver to counties neighboring Wake County for anyhting over $125
I'll ship (US only) for orders over $50 + shipping costs.

Prices for individual items are firm, though I'll entertain offers for purchases of 5 or more separately listed items.

email me Austingd at gmail.com if interested as I'm not on this forum much anymore.

Craigslist ad with more pictures: