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  1. dubbwelsh

    Filling Growler from Bottles

    I already know this seems like a situation nobody would encounter, hear me out. I have a bottled Brett Stout that I entered in a comp and it scored high enough that I was invited to a People's Choice Round where attendees will judge the beer. You're supposed to bring 2-4 growlers. All my beer...
  2. J

    First Batch Questions

    Hello fellow homebrewers, I'm a complete beginner when it comes to this stuff and my very first batch is nearly done fermenting. I have a few (probably stupid) questions. Firstly, I ordered an equipment kit from Homebrew that came with all kinds of extra toys (immersion wort...
  3. S

    Does fermentation in bottle with Prime sugar destroy my dry hopping?

    Hi everyone, I just started brewing and i brewed my first Imperial NEIPA. The beer was super good when it came out of the fermenter with a ton of hoppy flavour. After I bottled up with some priming sugar (dextrose), i feel like all the hoppy flavours went away. It is now more on the bitter...
  4. T

    Blichmann Beer Gun - No force carb to the keg beforehand

    Howdy yall, So it was my first time using the Blichmann beer gun the other day and bottled my beer straight from the fermenter with out force carbing the beer in a keg before-hand. I now know my bottles that are currently in my fridge will be under carbed because I didnt know it was a...
  5. KarlKrook

    CO2 Purge for bottle condition

    Hi guys! Can’t find any good information anywhere or any good equipment besides this, which I can’t get shipped to where I live: Anyone know any similar piece of equipment or DIY solution that will work with the 425g CO2 cylinders (sodastream) that...
  6. Bubbles2

    Sediment and Bottling

    Thanks for looking in, I am near bottling my Stout, it is in the secondary (clearing and getting down to 1013-1020 at the moment. The sludge that was left behind (2" in the primary) is a good reason to want to use a 2ndary. In the secondary I now have a good 1/2" of sludge in it. I do not want...
  7. The Decembeerist

    Easy Bottling Guide

    Hi fellow homebrewers. I recorded a short video explaining how to bottle and condition your beers. Cheers!
  8. G

    Bottle Aging Correctly (spoilage)

    Hey All, learned a lot from lurking, but hoping to get some specific insight here for my first batch bottling. I have 5 gal of unpasteurized, fresh pressed juice that's aging in bulk secondary (gravity when I racked from primary was 0.999, it was drinkable, but pretty harsh). I'm going to do...
  9. exaideum

    Racking after fermentation to priming question.

    So, slightly confused. I know I'm supposed to rack my beer from the fermenter to the bottling bucket after putting the priming sugar mixture in the bucket. But, couldn't I just rack the beer into a large pot that I mix the priming mixture into (after the liquid has cooled of course)? What's...
  10. darkhorse01253

    Loss of hop aroma before bottling.

    Hey guys, this is my first proper post so I hope it is in the correct area. Please have it moved it if is better suited somewhere else. I recently brewed an imperial IPA (1 gallon) which tasted great when I tried a little before bottling, during the check of the gravity after 2 weeks...
  11. BackshoreJake

    Hefeweizen: How long should I leave it in secondary?

    Today I racked my hefeweizen to secondary. I am aware that many people prefer to bottle directly after primary fermentation, and skip secondary as this will further clarify a beer that is supposed to be cloudy. I felt that I wanted a slightly lighter taste in my hef , and thought that getting it...
  12. BackshoreJake

    Screen-printing bottles

    I want a unique look to my bottles. I always loved the texture of a screen-printed bottle, and want to use this technique to make a great looking printed product. I have a screen-printer for shirts, but I'm not sure if I can use it for bottles. I've heard of cylindrical screen printers, but...
  13. rickyhoel

    Twist Off question

    So a friend of mine is an old school homebrewer from England. I was relating my quest to find more bottles and he said that twist offs work fine. I was skeptical until he brought over a couple brews that were bottled 5 years ago. Perfectly carbonated. I need some old school experts to explain...
  14. Byrdbrewer

    Has anyone had no signs of carbonation after 7 days?

    Title says it all - I bottled a sorghum beer, a recipe I have brewed several times before. usually after about a week I have good signs of carbonation, and its just a matter of giving it another week or two to really push teh co2 into the beer fo a good long lasting carbonation. This last batch...
  15. Byrdbrewer

    adding yeast at bottling time

    can anyone speak to the best way to add yeast to a batch of beer that you feel may have lost all its active yeast - I have heard of adding yeast to the bottle, to the bottling bucket, all kinds of crazy things. I'm thinking it would be best to add a spec or two two each bottle, but can some of...
  16. J

    First Batch Anxiety

    I'm a new brewer that just put my first batch into the fermenting bucket at midnight last Sunday. So, it's been about 8 days. The fermentation was a slow start, about 36 hours, but then things seemed to be going very well. OG was 1.055 which was right on the mark according to the recipe...
  17. toddzio

    Yeast not settling out of solution in my bottles

    My red ale has been sitting under my stairs for almost 3 months now. Over that period of time I have tried 4 bottles. All of them were intensely yeasty, other than that they taste fine. But I really hate yeast flavors! I have tried waiting, I have tried keeping them in the fridge for 3 or 4...
  18. A

    Priming sugar

    I am priming 25 litres of pilner lager for bottling. At the moment it is in a clean fermenting bin after being siphoned out of a primary. How much priming sugar will be needed to produce the required fizz? It has been fermenting before for 2.5 weeks.
  19. A

    Priming sugar

    How much priming sugar should I add in grams to a 25 litre batch before bottling?
  20. Byrdbrewer

    priming methods bulk vrs by the bottle

    Cheers fellow home brewers. I am new to home brewing ( about a year or so ) and have always primed my bottles before bottling. I'm considering using the method of batch priming, adding the sugar solution to the bottling bucket and filling the bottles, mostly to save time and effort. My...