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Nov 20, 2017
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Hey there,

Bear with us as this forum is new to us and we're still getting the hang of things.
Short story is we're two partners working on a tea based soda similar to Club Mate.
We brew the tea in large batches, add our juices and sugar and then filter it into corney kegs while stilll warm. After it's cooled, we force carbonate the kegs to serve at parties or we bottle the liquid.

We've run into a handful of difficulties, first being filtering efficiently. Whenever we use beer filter kits like this the filter becomes full of a sludgy sediment that is almost impossible to wash out. Replacing the filters every time we brew is getting expensive.
The one time we tried to use a wine filter kit like this the liquid came out too heavily filtered and was lacking flavour.
Is there a way to settle this ultra fine tea leaf sediment out of suspension without too drastically affecting the flavour of the drink? Are we missing a step?

We apologize in advance if this is the wrong thread to post a question like this in.
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