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  1. B


    Was at work and had the idea: on the way to the carboy, can I filter the the wort with a Shinhwa (pictures top) or through a oil frier oil filter (bottom)? I have a feeling too much silt will clog the paper filter. Or should I just buy an in-line filter to hook up to my pump? Note: normally I...
  2. B

    Mesh Shinwa Filtration

    Hello everyone, I didn’t find any post with “shinwa” in it so I figured I would ask. Is a mesh shinwa too fine to filter beer out at any or all stages of the beer making process? My only concern is it getting clogged up too often Thank you
  3. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft - Tips For Clearing Your Beer

    Whenever I transfer my wort from the kettle to the fermentor or my beer from the fermentor to a keg or bottling bucket I also see it as an opportunity to clean it too. Reducing the amount of trub your finished beer contains before packaging it goes a long way in preventing the formation of chill...
  4. A

    Filtering beer, bright ale, how to?

    Afternoon All. I have been asked to filter some beer so a barbarian (my son) can drink out of the bottle. I have two corny kegs, a counter pressure filler and most of the other bits but I don't have a filter nor do I know how to set up and use one. I know that there at members here who filter...
  5. V

    To Filter or Not To Filter

    Question is as the title states but here is my problem statement: I brewed a Citra Pale Ale and Cider for a wedding. Both pretty straight forward, both came out tasting great. After cold crashing, I drew some samples Cider was clear, beer has was about 50% clear but I was fine with that. Fast...
  6. Kevin Gallagher

    filtering mead I came across this stainless steel 300-micron filter advertised for filtering beer. Do you think 300 micron is small enough to filter out most of the yeast in the must after a...
  7. 1Roamer

    Filtering DIY

    So I'm pretty new to brewing. Ive done a few beer kits and a half dozen hydromels of different flavours. Super fun. I really don't like the sediment, so Ive ordered parts to do pop bottle carbonation, since I only have small batches and have limited space at home. I tried cold crashing last...
  8. W

    California Water filter and RO with tank and pump

    This is a 50 gal water drum with an attached reverse osmosis and two stage cartage filter system that will fill the tank with brew ready water until it is full and then shut itself off. There is also a 1 HP motor and pump and transfer hoses. The whole thing sits on a barrel dolly. Located in...
  9. lifeisafarm

    Basic primitive filter idea

    Hi all. This is probably a REALLY stoooopid idea, but I'm an amateur who likes to think outside the box, so... :D I am into very primitive methods of brewing, i.e. as quick, cheap and low-tech or "down-and-dirty" as possible. I'm not after a "perfect" beer, but rather exploring the simplest...
  10. A

    Using Filters to Clear the Brew?

    It happens that my wife has a wine filter system similar to Buono as part of her disused winemaking gear. My questions are how much do the filters affect the taste of the beer and how do the numbers correspond to the rate of filtration?
  11. Justin Alexander

    Spin down filters for clarification? Would a filter system like this, used for filtering sand and bulk items out of water, be useful in home winemaking?
  12. B

    Water filtration

    Would the water filtered through a refrigerator be sufficient for homebrewing?
  13. S

    Yerba Mate Soda

    Hey there, Bear with us as this forum is new to us and we're still getting the hang of things. Short story is we're two partners working on a tea based soda similar to Club Mate. We brew the tea in large batches, add our juices and sugar and then filter it into corney kegs while stilll warm...
  14. B

    Cider filtering and force carbonation

    Hi Me Waffeling I have just finished drinking my cider mark III made using home grown apples and Graffs great recipe. Anyway of course the cider has always improved through the stages and this time I want to create a really grade cider where I don't have to have a few drinks first for...
  15. B

    Getting back into beer making, Looking to filtering my beer

    Hello folks, I'm trying to get back into beer making after a couple year hiatus. I'm looking at filtering my beer this time around and I would like some suggestions on an easy cost effective way to do it. I have a keg setup but only one corny, although I do have a carboy and brew bucket to rack...