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  1. sven.vandevenne

    New member from Belgium

    Surprise surprise, a beer lover from Belgium 🙃 Hi all, my name is Sven and I live in Ghent, arguably one of the most hipster cities in our country. So making all sorts of funky stuff is in the requirements to live here :p Most of my passions in life circle around food and drinks, mainly tea...
  2. RudeBooch

    Hard Coffee Kombucha

    So Im experimenting with cold brew and kombucha and want to take the next step and boozing it up. I want to see what your thoughts and ideas are for choosing a good alcohol yeast. I have a gluten free ale yeast I can use, but Im not too sure if the cold brew and the ale yeast will make a good...
  3. Findley Brothers


    So I just made a 5 gallon Pilsner and wanted a different kinda citrus taste so I added some orange/earl grey tea to my cold crash. The recipe I used for the Pilsner said OG would be 1.047 and I ended up with 1.071. Does this have something to do with the tea added? It was an extract brew and...
  4. HephaestusXiled

    Tinctures and tea flavored ciders

    Hello everyone, I am new to this thread website and a novice at brewing and looking to expand my learning with ciders. I have made a few batches from the Brewers Best kits which turned out great but I am wanting to start making them my own. I'm looking to do two new batches, the first a mojito...
  5. L

    Tea and Tisane based wines?

    I’ve currently got about 100g of loose leaf green tea with elderflower, and 125g of an orange and passion fruit tisane (that also contains apple, hibiscus and rosehips), and I want to brew a wine from each separately, but I’m a bit of a novice so I could do with some advice! Would it be...
  6. H

    Earl Grey Mild (Nitro)

    8# Maris Otter 0.5# Crystal 60 0.5# Oats - Toasted 0.125# Midnight Wheat 0.3oz CTZ - 60 minutes Imperial Pub @65 ramp to 69 Brewed on New Year's. Added 1.5oz of loose leaf earl grey cream tonight. Took a taste and base beer turned out great. Toasty with low-mod sweetness
  7. Aróchito

    Dry Hopping with Yerba Maté, Anyone?

    Hi, I was researching which hops are the best to dryhop my cider with (which I'm still trying to figure out), but then I had the idea of dry "hopping" the batch with Yerba Mate tea, either along with or instead of the hops. It's got a ton of caffeine so it has the potential to pack quite a nice...
  8. SKBugs

    What's the go with Tea

    G'day all, I have just started using tea (meadowfoam and hibiscus) in a brew which seems to really go with mead. Can someone explain what the tea does and how is the best way to use it? Ie as the initial brew or in secondary etc? Also, is there an accepted protocol as to how much to use per...
  9. C

    Why Does Everyone Say Not to Use Metal with Kombucha?

    I have heard this repeated over and over since the early 1990's and I have always wondered why you shouldn't use metal and whether people are talking about specific types of metal like iron, instead of stainless steel. The reason I say this is because I have seen several videos of companies that...
  10. C

    Is the Tea Really Needed?

    Hello all I keep reading page after page on Kombucha brewing and they all pretty much parrot each other, but don’t really give a reason why the tea is necessary. I am curious if the tea is even necessary? Is it used because strong black tea is slightly acidic? Does anyone have any links or...
  11. Scientific hippie

    Tea sources/kinds of tea

    I had been ordering the black tea blend from getkombucha.com; it's good. I like to be able to taste the tea as well as the flavoring. Recently, I have been making Bray's 3-day mead with the recommended honeybush tea. I ordered some from https://www.tealyra.com; the shipment came with a coupon...
  12. K

    Super thick SCOBY!!!

    So I have two consistent brews of Kombucha fermenting at different times, one is just green tea, the other is green tea and hibiscus. To give you context I left for military training for 3 months and just left them on the table, when I came back I was shocked! This is what I came back too...
  13. JoeyB612

    Youthberry Tea Mead

    Pictures here: This is an experimental recipe I tried out last month. I'm still pretty new to meadmaking so feel free to give me any advice on how to improve this recipe. I must say, out of the few recipes I've made so far, this is my favorite. I made a mistake while bottling so there is a...
  14. Scientific hippie

    Anybody notice caffeine levels changing over the first fermentation?

    I have made several batches of kombucha now and feel much more comfortable with the process. One thing I notice is that I can taste the tea more, and I feel the effects of caffeine more, in my shorter brews (4-7 days) than in my longer brews (8-12 days). It's interesting. Has anyone else noticed...
  15. datagreier

    Fun, consistent cider recipies from kits

    I've been experimenting with using kits to make tasty and fun ciders with consistent results (as the concentrates are rather consistent in flavour). I've mainly been using Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Apple Cider and Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Pear Cider. As far as I can see, these can be bought...
  16. Brewfawx

    Single Hop Green Tea/Hibiscus IPA

    A Single Hop IPA using Mosaic Hops. 2lbs U.S Pale 2-row Malt 5oz Caramel Malt (60L) .25oz Mosaic at 60 minutes .25oz Mosaic at 15 minutes .25oz Mosaic at 1 minute .75oz Mosaic dry-hop for 3 days 3tsp loose-leaf Hibiscus petals at 60 minutes 3tsp Loose-leaf Hibiscus petals at 30 minutes 3tsp...
  17. S

    Yerba Mate Soda

    Hey there, Bear with us as this forum is new to us and we're still getting the hang of things. Short story is we're two partners working on a tea based soda similar to Club Mate. We brew the tea in large batches, add our juices and sugar and then filter it into corney kegs while stilll warm...
  18. Oktober

    Spiced with Chai Tea .... Failure

    Hey All, About a month ago I decided I wanted to try spicing a brown ale with Chai just to see how it would come out (I was inspired by Gordon Strong's recipe in Radical Brewing). I ended up brewing a Brown Porter, split the batch, and spiced half of it at bottling with a strong Chai tea...