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  1. H

    For Sale 1BBL Brew System, brite tank, conical fermenter, filters & pump, kegs, brew kettles

    Unfortunately having to move on from our brewing pursuits, we brewed cider using this equipment. We have all the parts and pieces from a 1BB brewing system including the cartridge filters, plate filter and pump. Homemade CIP system using brew kettles. Feel free to ping me with questions or best...
  2. B


    Was at work and had the idea: on the way to the carboy, can I filter the the wort with a Shinhwa (pictures top) or through a oil frier oil filter (bottom)? I have a feeling too much silt will clog the paper filter. Or should I just buy an in-line filter to hook up to my pump? Note: normally I...
  3. B

    Mesh Shinwa Filtration

    Hello everyone, I didn’t find any post with “shinwa” in it so I figured I would ask. Is a mesh shinwa too fine to filter beer out at any or all stages of the beer making process? My only concern is it getting clogged up too often Thank you
  4. FrogHollow

    Particulates in Fermenter

    Hello Fellow Brewers! As a starter, I'm still fairly new to the brewing ins and outs as this is something I've picked up during quarantine. My buddy and I have brewed about 70 gallons+ of beer since late July, with many successes! On our most recent batch, I've noticed some particulates in the...
  5. CascadesBrewer

    What does a filter actually remove?

    I see a lot of different filters out there, and I wonder what they actually remove and how that impacts brewing water. For example, when I brew small batch extract batches I use water filtered through my Brita pitcher (which I think uses an activated charcoal filter), and I see people that...
  6. Neelixx

    Enolmatic inline filter loss?

    Anyone use the inline filter for the enolmatic bottle filler? I'm curious if anyone has calculated the loss inside the filter. I used it for the first time on a 24G batch... at that size, the loss is negligible. But, I'm going to be doing a 5G batch, and the loss could be more drastic. I...
  7. D

    New 10” Filtration System

    Brand new never used. 10” Filtration System w Ball Lock Adapters. Nice size/quality, not one of the smaller units for home brewing. Price includes shipping. Edit: $55. Knock off $5 for local pickup in Hoboken, NJ.
  8. A

    Filtering beer, bright ale, how to?

    Afternoon All. I have been asked to filter some beer so a barbarian (my son) can drink out of the bottle. I have two corny kegs, a counter pressure filler and most of the other bits but I don't have a filter nor do I know how to set up and use one. I know that there at members here who filter...
  9. P

    Newbie Hello - Trying to make a clear and colourless high abv cider

    Hey, new here, been reading alot. I'm going to get bashed for asking this but I'm trying to brew a high ABV - 15-16% cider then run it through a through some sort of filter to get to remove as much color, flavour and taste from it (yes u read that correct lol) Planning on using a champagne...
  10. B

    Storing water filters in Star San?

    So, I have a water filter system for brewing, but I don't brew often enough to keep the filter installed in the cannister between brews. (Between available time and kegerator capacity I typically brew once every two months, sometimes three, and almost never more frequently than once a month.) I...
  11. Killdozer666

    Rhode Island Complete 15 gallon brewhouse, plus brewing and draught equipment

    Hi, selling off my entire rig! Here's what she has. Make me an offer on anything! Pictures at 1/2 BBL (15 gallon) brewery - $950 Features: - Custom build, welded frame - Inline March pump with temp gauge - Hot Liquor Tank...
  12. V

    To Filter or Not To Filter

    Question is as the title states but here is my problem statement: I brewed a Citra Pale Ale and Cider for a wedding. Both pretty straight forward, both came out tasting great. After cold crashing, I drew some samples Cider was clear, beer has was about 50% clear but I was fine with that. Fast...
  13. Brewers Hardware

    Brewers Hardware Head Start on Spring Cleaning Sale!

    We want to make sure you guys are ready for some Springtime brewing, so for the entire month of February, we are offering 15% OFF all Wort Strainers and CIP Spray Balls! Our Wort Strainers come in a few different sizes depending on batch size. If you need help picking the right one for you, give...
  14. A

    Using Filters to Clear the Brew?

    It happens that my wife has a wine filter system similar to Buono as part of her disused winemaking gear. My questions are how much do the filters affect the taste of the beer and how do the numbers correspond to the rate of filtration?
  15. I

    10 gallon corny, 15.5 keg, filter system

    I have a 10 gallon corny keg for sale, $150; comes with two pour taps, gas and liquid lines, couplers and new “O” rings. 15.5 gallon straight sided snake keg, $30, ready for conversion. Double filter system with lines and hardware and 1 filter, $50. Never used 4” triclamp clamp, $8. Located...
  16. B

    Small Batch Yield

    I just brewed my first 2.5 gallon batch to put into my FastFerment 3 gallon conical. I'm kind of disappointed, because I brewed a Session IPA and used a hop "basket" (, and still ended up with a bunch of trub in my...
  17. Lonmarg

    Light Yeast Aftertaste - Filtering?

    So I've been brewing beer for around 7 years and I feel I have my system down pretty well. I haven't had a batch go bad in years, I have a forced carbonation system and a chest freezer to control temperature when fermenting and generally my beers turn out pretty good. However, when comparing...
  18. K

    Do you use cheesecloth for Kombucha filtering?

    Hey there, Do you use cheesecloth for Kombucha filtering?
  19. B

    Water filtration

    Would the water filtered through a refrigerator be sufficient for homebrewing?
  20. lorne17

    When to Dry Hop a NE Hazy IPA? Filter or not?

    I am waiting for my HomeBrew Supply Tropical Haze NE IPA ( I have never done an IPA with this many hops before and I can’t freaking wait. I’m curious though what you recommend I do for all the hopping stages: 1...