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Blowing leaves and mulching.

This 67° and 57% humidity is killing me 😁

Break time with a classic Treehouse Czech pils. This might be my Gatorade this summer
After hiking at Watkins Glen State Park this morning, we had lunch then headed to Other Half Brewing just outside Canandaigua, NY. Tried flight of 4 hazies, then had a pint of All Cashmere Everything DIPA, with all Cashmere cryo hops. Yum.

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Thanks for the recommendation, @pshankstar.

Beautiful pics. Watkins Glen SP is great for hiking. Spent a lot of my younger years hiking around there and the other falls down towards Ithaca. Also, both Watkins Glen and Ithaca are fun towns to walk around. Great vibes and some really good restaurants too.
Just like @catdaddy6676 I’m having coffee too. Unfortunately I’m not brewing, but making breakfast for my daughters and their friends.
This is a Colombian coffee from @MaxStout when we met for lunch on Thursday.
Nice silky body, subtle cocoa notes and maybe some bready notes too. Like fresh baked bread. I like it! Well done!

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