Multiple Concurrent Small Batch Brewing

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For simplicity sake, I'd vote Mr. Beer


Though there may be a copyright issue out there that I'm forgetting about....
How about Tetra Zymatrix?
I think you're over-complicating it! BrewMatrix ticks a lot of marketing boxes.

You could Call it BrewMatrix4 if you really want to work the number in there. BX4 for short? (Biggest down side to BrewMatrix is BM initialism.)

Other ideas:
  • BrewPilot
  • MashMatrix
  • QuadKettle
  • MultiMash
I think BrewMatrix has a good ring to it, though.
I would steer well clear of any inferences to Zymatic or Picobrew.
Tetra <> Tetris (game) connotation?

Tetra means four. Tetris is a play on that because each piece is made of four squares.

Picobrew Zymatic was a play on Zymurgy and Automatic. Zymatrix was an attempt at Zymergy and Matrix. I'd be more concerned about brand confusion is I was actually trying to make a product. Moot anyway since I think it's a reach.
I think you just did. It's time to start gathering ideas on how to flex the capabilities. I think I want to compile a list of experiments that everyone can add to and upvote. As the person who has to execute them, I will likely choose one's I find compelling, I bet there are ideas out there that I would haver never thought of. Does anyone know of a platform that already handles this functionality? I thought maybe a reddit thread but not sure. Google forms?
Does anyone know of a platform that already handles this functionality? I thought maybe a reddit thread but not sure. Google forms?
There's a Poll capability on these forums. They appear on top of the thread pages. You've probably seen them.
But it may not have the versatility or form that you'd want or need.

Google forms offers many options, and will tally for you.
Since this is 4X, I'm hoping to see a "process control" inclusion at some point: instead of brewing four different ingredient sets, brew three or two with one or two identical recipes in two vessels.
I recently watched a Brulosophy video comparing aeration methods but each side by side test was made by individual brewers all brewing different recipes of differing gravities. Your system would be perfect for testing these methods on the same style brewed identically. The methods tested were 1. No aeration... 2. Shaking... 3. Oxygen wand... 4. Olive oil. They also did a split batch where both samples were blasted by O2 at yeast pitch but one of them received a second blast of O2 24 hours into fermentation. This one could be substituted for the olive oil method.
I recently watched a Brulosophy video
Yeah, as somebody that likes to brew trial batches, one of the limitations with the Brulosophy approach is that they are always testing 1 variable with just 2 versions. I do often find that experiments would benefit from multiple versions. Like say a control batch, a batch with Irish Moss, and a batch with a Whirlfoc tablet. Or instead of mashing one batch at 148F and one at 160F, maybe it would be more useful to side by side compare 148F vs 151F vs 154F vs 157F.

A benefit of the Brulosophy two version approach is that it makes gathering data using a triangle test possible. It gets harder to quantify the feedback across multiple samples.

But like most of us, I don't even have the ability to brew two side-by-side batches like the Brulosophy contributors do (and I cannot even temperature control two 5-gallon batches). It is cool that @Bobby_M will be able to branch out to 4 side-by-side brews.

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