Transferring hot wort to fermenter

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Dec 10, 2016
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Hi everyone, I have a problem and doubt with transferring the post boiling hot wort from my kettle into my fermenter. Here's my story:

My kettle does not have a valve where to attach a pvc hose, so my only option is to siphon the wort. The problem is that I tried to firstly do it with a proper 20L siphon, however it was too big for my 10 L wort and could only transfer half of it before the flow stopped. The second time I managed to simply use the pvc hose and blow from the opposite side to create the transferring flow to occur. Although, I did it with my mouth and even having the hose wrapped with a sanitised cloth I was and am still very concerned with this method safety. In fact, the last batch turned out infected.

So, how could I transfer/blow the wort in a safer way?

Thanks for your help.

I am struggling to understand your siphon problem. Siphons work because the liquid you are siphoning is above the container you are siphoning them into so I don't see how a 20L (whatever that is) or any size siphon wouldn't move the liquid.

If you want to start a siphon, an easy way is to fill the hose with water and cap or hold your fingers over the ends. Put one end in the top liquid, then hold the other end in the container being siphoned into and remove that cap or finger. There's no need for your mouth to come anywhere near the hose.
I'm curious--why are you transferring hot wort to the fermenter? Is it boiling?

The usual process is to chill the wort to pitching temps prior to transferring to the fermenter. On top of that, if the fermenter is glass you risk breaking it with the rapid temperature change, and if plastic, you risk melting it.
@mongoose33 is right. The wort should be less then 80 degrees when you dump it in the fermentor unless you have ice water in your bucket and are doing extract. If all you have is a tube, just sumbmerge your sanitized tube in the wort, bend the end that is still sticking out and then pull out and down the filled up tube and let it loose. Better to use a hose clip though so you can stop flow easily if you need to.
Hey guys I'm transferring the hot wort to the fermenter because I can't cool it down while it is in the big pot as this does not fit my bucket filled with ice and water. On the contrary my fermenter does fit in it. Also, it's made of plastic so it's not a problem.

Anyway I'll test some of your suggested methods and will see. Thanks for your help guys.