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  1. Denis2121

    Racking to secondary with krausen

    Hey everyone ! I made my 6th batch last weekend. I ferment in a plastic bucket. Usually I go for around 2-3 weeks. This time I decided ill go to secondary after 10 days for further 10 days and then cold crash. I did this just for the sake to have less yeast at bottom of secondary when going to...
  2. micraftbeer

    Dissolved Oxygen Experiment- Interesting Finds with Beer Transfer Method

    I recently did a hands on review of a Milwaukee MW600 Dissolved Oxygen meter for HomeBrewFinds. Review linked here. As part of trying out the meter, I did a bunch of different experiments looking at dissolved oxygen. One of them that the results surprised me on was method of beer transfer...
  3. Steven Sinclair

    Kettle Port Configuration

    Here's what I have planned... All fluid transfer connections are positioned at zero degrees at the front of the kettles, while the heating elements are positioned at 135 degrees (BK) and at -135 degrees (HLT). Does it make a difference as to the positioning of the fluid transfer connections...
  4. B

    Closed Transfer to Elevated Brite Tank

    I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to have any issues close transferring beer from a 1bbl fermenter to a 1bbl SSbrewtech brite that will be on a shelf using a pump. I have both a 7gpm Blichman and a 17gpm chugger nano. Will the head pressure be too much for the pump? See attached diagram.
  5. IslandLizard

    Closed and near-closed transfer from bucket to keg

    After some experimenting the past 2 years, I've devised methods to be able to perform closed or near-closed transfers from buckets into kegs. This can be adapted to transfers into bottling buckets too. Air free (oxygen free) transfers are crucial for NEIPAs, IPAs and other hoppy beers, but...
  6. ultrashock

    Transferring from fermentation kegs to serving kegs

    Hello, I have a question regarding transferring from fermentation kegs to serving kegs. Is it possible without cutting the long tube to avoid collecting the sediment? Usually I'm fermenting in 2 corny kegs and then transfer to another 2 corny kegs with auto siphon, but currently it is broken...
  7. Tyler Hurst

    Is this normal?

    Made a Pliny the Elder clone last weekend with WLP-001. I dumped everything from the BK into primary and got about 4-5 inches of hop trub in the bottom (pic 1). Then when the yeast took off the beer turned green (pic 2). It is burning through fermentation. Thermostat probe reads 67-69 degrees...
  8. beervoid

    Problems with closed transfer in between DIY floating diptube kegs

    Hello everyone, I have 2 kegs fitted with a DIY floating diptube. This is the first time I have tried to transfer my fermented and dry hopped beer from 1 keg off the yeast and hops into another purged keg. The keg was spunded at 15psi for a few days to allow some natural carbonation and oxygen...
  9. beervoid

    How do you transfer from primary fermentation keg to secondary/serving keg?

    Hey everone, I've been trying to ferment in kegs for a while. The technique im trying to figure out is how I can transfer from fermenting keg to secondary/serving keg with co2 without oxygen pickup. My first try was an IPA, I cut half an inch of my diptube to avoid sucking up the yeast cake...
  10. S

    Transferring hot wort to fermenter

    Hi everyone, I have a problem and doubt with transferring the post boiling hot wort from my kettle into my fermenter. Here's my story: My kettle does not have a valve where to attach a pvc hose, so my only option is to siphon the wort. The problem is that I tried to firstly do it with a proper...