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  1. C

    Infection or just floaters?

    After 2 weeks of bottle conditioning a hard seltzer, I noticed some of the bottles have some stringy things floating on top. Does this look like an infection to you or something else? When I transferred from fermenter to bottling bucket, there was some sediment hardened on the perimeter of the...
  2. slurms

    Off Flavor After Conditioning

    This is my first post, so bear with me... I've brewed about 4 or 5 batches (exclusively one gallon) this year so far. Usually an IPA-type of beer but also a porter and two american wheats. Given that I'm fairly new to home brewing, I like the idea of trying the beers weekly after bottling...
  3. Midgardmiller13

    White whispy mead sediment after fermentation

    Hey guys, my last three batches of mead have turned up with this weird looking yeast post ferment and it smells very sour. I haven't run into this problem with the last 10 gallons I've made though. I was wondering if anybody has run into problems like this. I don't think it infected as I'm very...
  4. H

    Possible infection?

    Hi there i brewed a lager 2 days ago, chilled it overnight (didn’t have time to cool it immediately). I pitched yesterday around mid day and I’m not sure but I might have an infected fermentation, can somebody see if that might be the case? Never had an infection before so I’m pretty worried...
  5. C

    Infected Brews, Need Help!

    I read that there are two types of brewers; ones that have had an infection and those that will get an infection. After 6 years of brewing I just got hit hard. 4 small batches all got pellicles after I racked to secondary. I researched and it said to throw out anything plastic, tubing...
  6. BullGator

    Infected Beer in Conical Fermenter

    I've been brewing for around 8 years and finally had my first infected batch. My question here is what to do with my conical fermenter that the infected beer is currently sitting in. I can address everything else rather simply. My concern is what about the valves. There are two valves on...
  7. Johan Dingler

    "crystals" on top of fruit addition to secondary.

    Hello everyone! First post. Sorry if it doesn't belongs to this board. I'm brewing a raspberry weizen, and after a week from throwing the raspberries into the fermentor a kind of salty crystals started forming on top of the fruit. I know them turning white is normal, but had never heard about...
  8. tarcrarc

    Ease My Worries

    I am stepping up a yeast starter using Propper Starter cans (for the first time). After completing the first starter (used distilled water) I cold crashed it. After decanting, I added another can of starter for the step up. However, it requires a full can of water to get to 1040. Being out of...
  9. Zzyzx Rhoades

    First batch, worried about infection

    This is my first attempt, starting off with fresh organic apples from a local farm, and had them pressed for me at a local cidery. Trying to go with natural fermentation, so no campden or metabisulfate, no yeast added. Straight into a 5 gal and 3 gal carboy with plenty of headspace for primary...
  10. J

    Possible reasons why my beer went sour

    So I've been making double batch in a day, one BIAB and one on Grainfather both about 7 - 8 litres. One was Amber Ale and the other Saison. Everything went fine and I splitted a packet of Safale US-05. Yeast was pitched at 25°C and fermentation was 18 - 21°C. Both weren't opened since there is...
  11. A

    Is this cider salvageable? Spiderweb-like white growth on top...

    Hi all, I have a cider that I racked to secondary (with what I realize now is way too much headspace :S) about 2 weeks ago. About a week into the secondary, one carbuoy started to develop a white film on top that has since grown quite a bit. From some digging in these forums I think it might be...
  12. S

    Yeast or infection?

    i have this cider I am brewing, it’s peaches I juiced from my trees, I also added pectin enzyme to clear it a little and it’s 1 gallon it’s been sitting for 1 week and I am seeing this. Still smells good I am wondering if I should be worried. Thanks in advance
  13. Iowa Brewer


    Are these yeast floats? It's been 16 days since brew day and I've never seen a collection like this show up on the walls of my carboys. Going to check it tonight, but thought I'd get your insights during the long work day? Is there cause for concern? Thanks! Ps. This is an Northern English...
  14. jespinet

    Is this mold?

    Hey everybody! I am trying a lambic for the first time and I think I may have mold from letting it sit too long. Can you take a look at the pics and let me know what you think?
  15. Bryan312

    Odd Fermentation, Thoughts on why? Cloudy

    So I've been brewing regularly for about 4 years now and have made probably over 50 batches and this recipe is one of my tried and trues and always turns out pretty well the exact same. its a 10g batch of pale ale, I usually use US05 but only had enough for 5g so I pitched that in one and I used...
  16. MycoDaimon

    Infection VS. cultural change

    This is a 5-gallon batch of booch. Are those waxy-looking light flecks on the surface a sign of infection? How about the yellow? The weather has shifted where I live, and with it the conditions in which the culture is growing. So not sure if this is just a sign of change - or of trouble...
  17. DrGarbonzo

    yeast rafts?

    Hey, just looking for a confirmation on yeast rafts vs mold here. Day 3 since brewing, slight airlock activity and signs of what is likely yeast “dust” down the sides. Are some wild yeasts top-feeding? I harvested the yeast from my yard, so I’m expecting it to have some trouble but would rather...
  18. DrGarbonzo

    Infection pics!

    Hey, just posting some cool/ nasty photos of a recent infection in a witbier I brewed about 6 weeks ago. While I really wanted to just put it in the basement for 6 months and see, I tasted it on two separate occasions and it was pretty awful, and then the large amount of top layer growth...
  19. Ø

    Water suckback

    I'm very new to brewing, and I'm making mangrove jack's blueberry cider, and when I started bottling, I had forgotten to take of the airlock/open the lid, so the water from the airlock got sucked in the fermenter, (i have a tap in the bottom of my fermening bucket) so I'm wondering if anyone...
  20. D

    What to do with a contaminated beer?

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. But we are still fairly new to brewing. We have done maybe half a dozen to a dozen bought worts with no problem until this one. We got super busy and went away on a trip and didn't move it from the primary to the secondary. I browsed briefly and got...