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  1. Sinisterdeer

    Racking time

    Okay I am having the darndest time figuring out my racking cane and how to get the siphon going.. I do not want to use my mouth if I dont have to. Any suggestions so that I dont risk contamination. Thank you!
  2. superbob404

    boil keggle siphon

    I'm building my first keggle, sounds like most use a ball valve with a dip tube to drain the boil kettle into the fermentor. Is there anything wrong with just using my auto siphon that I use to rack to my secondary. The wort would be cooled already and it would be one less hole in the pot. Am I...
  3. jeffceo24

    Bubbles out of No-where While Bottling

    Hi Guys, first time using a bottling bucket with spigot yesterday. This was a pale ale that was in the fermentor for 3 weeks. As I was bottling via gravity feed using a bottling wand, a number of small bubbles were coming through the hose and into the bottles. I was getting nervous because I...
  4. S

    Transferring hot wort to fermenter

    Hi everyone, I have a problem and doubt with transferring the post boiling hot wort from my kettle into my fermenter. Here's my story: My kettle does not have a valve where to attach a pvc hose, so my only option is to siphon the wort. The problem is that I tried to firstly do it with a proper...
  5. exaideum

    Racking after fermentation to priming question.

    So, slightly confused. I know I'm supposed to rack my beer from the fermenter to the bottling bucket after putting the priming sugar mixture in the bucket. But, couldn't I just rack the beer into a large pot that I mix the priming mixture into (after the liquid has cooled of course)? What's...
  6. specialized

    Secondary Q's -- With Pictures

    Last weekend I moved my beer to secondary. Was planning on leaving in primary for three weeks but decided to start another batch. Now my question is, would it be okay to bottle after only one week in secondary and two in primary? Or should I wait the two weeks as per the 1-2-3 rule...
  7. escalante88

    Siphon Not Working

    Hey guys, Successfully (fingers crossed) brewed and bottled my first batch last night - a brown ale kit from TrueBrew. Everything went well except that the siphon refused to work with the two gallons remaining in the fermentation bucket. My friend and I put water in the siphon to create the...
  8. M

    Problem with Auto Siphon/Dry Hopping Strategy

    I dry hopped in a carboy. And I planned to siphon out with a small muslin cloth (essentially a hop bag) over the end of my auto siphon into my bottling bucket. I ran into a major problem--which was that the resistance from the muslin bag overcame the seal inside the cylinder of the auto...