Thermostat Bypass for ITC-1000 Breakthrough!

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Feb 22, 2010
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Goal: Bypass the stock mini-fridge thermostat to allow the fridge to get below 30F.

Why: So the Inkbird ITC-1000 could be wired up to the mini-fridge to better control the internal temperature and get to temperatures below the 40-ish degrees the stock thermostat would allow.

Breakthrough: After reading the various ways I could rewire the fridge, bypass the thermostat all together, add heat to the sensor so it'd keep the fridge on, and all kinds of crazy stuff, I stumbled across a modification on a cheese fridge forum that was easy, required no rewiring, and has worked brilliantly.

Most thermostats have a screw in them for calibration purposes. The cheese people were unscrewing the screw to increase the minimum temperature to prevent the temp from getting too low. I simply screwed the screw further in and was able to get my fridge down to 20F (before adding the ICT-1000 in to switch off at the designated temp.)

(See shiny screw in bottom right of attached picture)

<This is part of a kegerator rebuild I'm doing currently>


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