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  1. J

    For Sale Newair kegerator needing to sell

    I’m new to these forums so I apologize if this is not the right place to put this. I have a Newair kegerator that originally was meant to be a Christmas gift, however things came up recently and my car has drained my account so I may not end up being able to pay tuition. I got it from Walmart...
  2. bsomogyi

    Sold 8 Tap Keezer - Evergreen,CO ($500)

    This 14.5 cu. ft kegerator is a homebrewer's dream. Each of the 8 taps (no-stick Perlick Faucets) can be controlled at independent pressure to dial in the PSI for each brew style served. Will hold up to 8, 5 gallon kegs. Chalkboard lid to detail what's being served. Includes: 1 external...
  3. U

    Gas line hole location in a Magic Chef 10.1 cu. Ft. Refrigerator

    I posted this in the kegerator/keezer forum but no one responded. Hope someone can share some info. I have a Magic Chef refrigerator (Model HMDR1000BE) that I am converting into a kegerator. I read in a couple of threads here that I have to drill the hole in the hump at the bottom for the CO2...
  4. Vmoronari

    Vendo Keezer com 4 torneiras+Wintap+sistema de gás interno (Veja foto)

    Pessoal, é com dor no coração que estou anunciando meu keezer completo! Vai sem os postimix. Cabem 4 postimix + um keg de 10l Acompanha envasadoras e torneiras wintap Tomada interna para adicionar cooler e aumentar a eficiência Motor novo, com menos de 1 ano de uso. Valor R$ 4000.00 Local...
  5. D

    What is the Proper Tubing Size?

    Hello all, hope this finds everyone enjoying a frosty pint. I'm making the change to kegging and the one thing that has me totally confused is all the different hose/tubing sizes. I've read numerous posts about what sizes should be used for serving and even gone on to the
  6. mrbeachroach

    For Sale Home brew huge equipment lot Nashville Area / Cookeville

    For sale 5 gallon glass Carboys- $25 6 gallon glass Carboys-$35 Fermenting buckets $-12 Wine corker-$10 Wart chiller- $25 Refractometer $10 Kegerator $400 (with 3 cornys , nitro tank, co2 tank, and regulator , 2 taps Tap- $10 Pick up middle tennessee Cookeville
  7. mrbeachroach

    For Sale Kegerator $400OBO (One of a kind) for sale Nashville Tn area/ Cookeville

    I am selling my kegerator. Everything works great, just downsizing my homebrew operation. I converted an old hot point refrigerator and freezer into a kegerator. It will hold a nitrogen tank, CO2 tank, and (3) 5 gallon corney kegs. Typically I would have two beers on tap and one lagering...
  8. M

    For Sale KOMOS Kegerator with 4 NukaTaps for Sale in Northern California

    Hi all, I have a KOMOS Kegerator with NukaTap Matte Black Stainless Faucets and a Fan Cooled Stainless Tower. It Fits 1 Half Barrel Keg or 4 Corny Kegs. This will come with the 10lb Co2 tank and regulator. This thing is mint. 850.00 Mike
  9. colinpizarek

    For Sale Grainfather, Sparge Water Heater, Kegerator, Kegs for sale - North Chicago Suburbs

    I’m a long-time reader of these forums (lost my old account, I just now re-registered) and have decided I need to downsize some of my equipment and let somebody else get some use out of it. I’m located in the north suburbs of Chicago and open to in-person exchanges at a neutral site. You bring...
  10. Mattyg91

    Need Help Rigging Tank And 2 Mini Kegs

    Okay, so my father in law bought two of these Vevor mini kegs —> VEVOR Beer Growler Tap System, 270Oz Mini Keg, 8L Pressurized Beer Growler, 304 Stainless Steel Mini Keg Growler, Comes with Dual Pressure Display CO2 Regulator Faucet 20" Beer Hose Relief Ring, Black | VEVOR US They take the...
  11. J

    For Sale Homebrew Equipment for sale (West Chicagoland)

    1 Kegerator - Kegco MDK309SS-01 Triple tabs with 630SS Perlick Faucets $500 1 3" Stainless Steel Double Faucet Tower SOLD Kegco KC DT2F-SS unused - Kegco Polished Stainless Steel Dual Faucet Draft Beer Tower - 3" Column. Perlick 630SS faucets $75 1 Singe Gauge Regulator Kegco KC 541...
  12. juggle08

    Different faucets/color on kegerator

    Finally about to upgrade my picnic tap to some actual faucets on a converted fridge. I have some gift cards to get a SS forward seal Intertap from an online retailer. My LHBS has the black Nukatap stealth bomber faucet which I really like the look of and would like to get. Also like the the...
  13. A

    For Sale Keezer

    $1200 - Kenmore Keezer (believe it 16.9 cubic ft), 5 perlick flow control faucets, 1 micromatic stout faucet, ss drip tray, dual gage regulator, 2 - 3 way distributors, built in temp regulator, solid oak trim, base on casters. Fits 5 to 6 5 gallon kegs. Hardwired temp controller. Everything...
  14. RyanVanWoerkom

    For Sale 15 Gallon HERMS Brew System (used once, moving and have to sell) & Kegerator!

    $3333 for the 15 gallon HERMS brew system & $900 for kegerator. Or $4,000 for everything. Extremely clean 15 gallon system, HLT has gallon marks, 2 brand new chugger pumps, Blichmann wort chiller, 2 HEAVY duty burners with propane hookups, two 5 gallon kegs, 2 fermenters with airlocks, all...
  15. M

    Cincinnati Bengals Kegerator

    I decided to wrap my 3 tap custom Kegerator before I sold it. It is a 9.2 cuft bottom freezer fridge. It has 3 Perlick stainless taps. It will hold 3 Corny kegs and a up to a 20lb co2 tank inside. It sold in less than 24 hours.
  16. M

    For Sale Custom Portable Kegerator

    Custom portable kegerator. It includes 3 gallon Corny keg. It comes with 20oz paintball Co2 tank and mini regulator. Has a Perlick stainless flow control tap (the tap that is shown is not the flow control tap that comes with it). Custom 3D printed drip tray and covers for inlet and outlet. It...
  17. H

    Industrial fridge into kegerator question

    I recently acquired an old fridge that was used for stuff like immunizations. I got it working great. My issue is, I want to put the taps for the kegs on the side of it. They would go on the wall the kegs are against in the photo. The unit has the compressor and fan on the top. How do I make...
  18. Summa_Brewologica

    Duotight fittings disintegrated

    I’m hoping to find a solution. I build a kegerator using all duotight fittings and the white duotight regulators. All the grey duotight fittings have disintegrated over the course of a year as shown in the images. Only the fittings that were inside the fridge have deteriorated meaning it’s...
  19. Sidman

    Sold Summit kegerator

    Summit kegerator with cooling fan on back of it. Original cost over $1,000. Can be installed under a bar or freestanding. Current configuration it holds on 15.5 gallon keg but can be easily modified to hold up to three corny kegs $300
  20. teesherv

    Sold Kegerator / Keezer Parts

    So it looks like my whole keezer set up didn't sell, so maybe you just want the parts. Located in Elk Grove (just south of Sacramento), CA. I'm able to ship the CMB tap and manifold and am open to shipping the regulators without the tanks, too. Pics posted in hopefully the same order as the...