4 * 5l Mini Keg Kegerator

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Oct 8, 2020
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So many reasons why. Starting with it being myself and my wife for 90% of the drinking and we don't drink all the time. Also because I like the small batch brewing style, I work in my kitchen most days and I can produce new beers alongside my other work with relative ease. Thirdly I wanted a kegerator that could be under my home made bar and supply multiple beers. Maybe lastly I might not produce the greatest beer so 25l would be a huge effort and cost for a mistake....beers scale so I am happy to play at this level. So this little beast was born. (I also got the fridge free on points from our credit card....)


4 taps with 30cm drip tray on outside of fridge located under 106cm high bar top (fridge is 102cm)


Internals. 4 * 5l mini kegs with 4 way manifold mounted on custom platform (to be replaced with 100% 8mm perspex this year). CO2 is outside the fridge and the fridge is sealed with rubber grommets. Temperature managed by STC1000 that has been installed to bypass the internal thermostat allowing the light to remain on even when the compressor is not running.

It is tight but we had no issued dispensing at 3C throughout December and had 8 different beers (I have 8 mini kegs) over that time (IPAs, PAs, Stouts....my ciders never made it into the fridge even if they are the ladies' favourite ;) ).

Best of all the freezer compartment remains just about cold enough to support ice trays in direct contact with the metal allowing ice for drinks to be in our bar.


Our bar in Christmas mode. We had quite a few fun little parties in there.

Posting this as I see so many 25l kegerators but kind of knew this was possible. Happy to answer any questions or even create a tutorial if people would like that.


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Mar 14, 2020
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Very nice! I use a 5cubic foot freezer and have two 4l mini kegs, a 2.5 gallon and a 5 gallon setup. Do love the minis but man those beers don’t last long enough, so that’s why I have the two bigger kegs. The little ones are great for experimenting and when i find a beer i really really like i scale up to one of the larger kegs.


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Feb 10, 2014
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That's right up my alley, very nice indeed! I have a large keezer but switched to 2.5 gallon kegs a few years back. However even that can be too much, so I also have a couple of one gallon kegs with the screw-on tops just like yours. Really enjoy brewing those small batches and naturally carbonating them in the kegs.