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I ordered my started kit from they have good prices and the kits are pretty well equiped.. as for the kit you showed at for that kind of money you could get a good starter equipment kit, a 5 gallon pop kegging system, and a few brew kits.. You will have to but the equipment kit, kegging system kit, and brew kits seperatly (not all in one package) but you than can pick and choose your options.. Heck for that much you could even upgrade to a 5 gallon pop kegging kit that has the drip tray and valve for the fridge conversion...

Oh Dont for get bottles when you buy, if your going to brew right off the bat..

I wish i had that kind of money to plop down all at once you know I would have the 5 gallon kegging kit and 3 or 4 brew mixes ordered.. I have to piece my system together part by part, Im hoping the wife will buy the 5 gallon kegging ki fo xmas :)

I dont know where you are lcated butther in my state so shipping is pretty cheap for me.. thats also a consideration.

Check them out, its seems to be one of the better places I have found for prices and selection.