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Oct 20, 2004
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Menomonee Falls WI
Ok since there seems to be a intrest to doing a brew together I'll start a new thread. Brewmeister Jeff has said that he would be open to hosting if ok'ed by "his better half". I personaly think a date in Jan would be nice to do since we would have all the new goodies we got during the holidays. I know that I could bring my AG set up the whole way from the same village. Lets see if we can set a date for this. I know I will not be able to do this on Jan. 12 since I will be going to the Marquette B-ball game. But I'm good for any weekend other than that.
Let me know- I'll try to make it. We have some things going on in January, but most weekends are clear. I won't brew but can bring some items if needed and drink YOUR beer.
I will check with the wife this evening, she'll probably need the weekend to ponder it anyway. Do we want one of each (AG, Extract, PM) happening?

I can get some splitters if we need hoses for submersion Chillers too.
Alright - talked to the wife and checked with Sause and the 20th of January seems to be the best option right now. Are we going to do one of each? All Grain, Partial and a Extract?

Let me know if anyone just wants to show up and watch.
I can bring my AG equipment since I live so close. Also what kind of TV do you have? That is the Confrence Championship weekend so the Packers might be playing that day.
Brewmeister Jeff said:
Conference Games and Family Christmas Parties - Maybe we can bump it out the FeBREWary. Things should have slowed down by then, NO?

Hmmm if we move it to Feb, then I have a possible idea, but it would require everyone to travel:clicky

It's be a hike, esp for all of you in the Mil. and Racine areas. Sunset Lake is in Waupaca County. Dumb idea? Probably. What say you?
It looks like the Jan. 20th date fell through. Though CookieBaggs has said that he could host something the 26th. He says he brews in a wharehouse type of thingy so we could be inside and still brew using our propane burners. What do you guys think about brewing on a Sat. with no football games on? I really want this to happen.
I'm willing to open up the shop for the 26th to who ever wants to get together. I know sause is up for it. We had talked about starting around noon. Let me know.
Brewmeister Jeff said:
My brother and I will come down - I suppose I could bring the turkey fryer down and brew an Extract. How bad would it be to drive a batch back home the Menomonee Falls after I pitch?

Sause and I are both doing an AG. He is decocting a pils and I'm brewing 10 gallons of an amber ale.

If you want to do an AG Jeff, there is plenty of room. I have a bunch of SS tables, a 3 compartment SS sink, and plenty of floor space.
I have a feeling I have something going on on the 26th, but damned if I can remember what it is. I'll have to ask SWMBO when she get home, she's the one with the memory.........
I should be able to be there. Is this shindig set for noon for sure?
I'll load up the truck with my ghetto-rig AG setup. I still don't have the "real" one done yet.
I wish I could come out there to meet all you guys and brew some beer, unfortunately I have to work that Saturday. :mad:
Just want to bring this to the top. I'm getting pumped! This should be a good time.

I have a Barley Crusher so if you need to crush grain, we've got that covered. I'll set up 3 or 4 SS tables for work stations.

The water here seems to work well for me. I set aside all the water I need for mashing and sparging in 5 gallon buckets a day or two ahead of time so any chlorine used during treatment evaporates. I'll need 20 gallons for my batch and will set aside an additional 20.

Bring some munchies if you want! :D

Anyone need directions? Please PM me.

I was going to ask about water. Would it be wise for me to bring my own
(well water-no chlorine) or is that not necessary?

Oh and by my count there is four of us brewing, is that right, or did I miss someone?
The water has worked well for me but if you would feel more comfortable with your own, have at it. :D

I think only 3. You, me and sause.
sounds like fun. I wish I could make it but I will be heading up to the Rhinelander area this weekend to get some snowmobiling in. Hopefully next time.
I've got a few, but I'm too damned tired to post any tonight. You'll just have to be patient. I will say that Cookiebags has a KILLER brewing setup.....................Feckin' awesome!

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