Intertap No Longer Active?

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Dec 16, 2015
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Is Intertap still an active company? Are they currently going through legal trouble, or under some kind of injunction against selling their products?

I've been doing research on Perlick vs. Intertap faucets, and after finally deciding to go with an Intertap flow control faucet, I have been dismayed to have a hard time actually finding them available online.

It's not that there are no sites whatsoever that have them in stock, it's that a disconcerting amount show "Out of stock" or "Backordered", indicating a supply problem.

Also, they don't seem to have an official online presence. The only site that purports (in Google results) to be their official site,, appears to be purely malware, and is indeed blocked by Chrome by default.

Finally, I see that Austin Homebrew Supply is stating "Legal Battle With Perlick, Check Back Soon", so........

I can't find any other information online. Anyone have an insight?

Hmm... it is blocked on some of the networks I use, citing malware. In other cases, I can get through. Although one of the times I went to it, I was redirected to several malware sites. Either way, thanks for looking into this on your end.

Putting aside the issue of the website, the other points are still disturbing.
There have been numerous threads on the Intertap soap opera. In short, what I can make of it: Lawsuits have gone on for years -- key elements are a Chinese factory, and intellectual property shenanigans involving different parties buying product from the factory and registering the Intertap trademark in different markets and distributing it. The Australian company claiming legitimate ownership of the brand and design has never distributed in the US, but the product you get here is genuine (if that makes sense.) Pretty much any Australian homebrew gear you buy in the USA is apparently subject to the same sort of controversy. The Intertap matter goes to trial again in the Spring. Make some popcorn.
Okay, that explains a lot. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm a bit concerned about a possible lack of continuing support/accessory availability, should the litigation go poorly, but I will probably pull the trigger and buy one from one of the sites that has it. Thanks!