Kegconnection's BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY Sale! (MULTIPLE HBT Giveaways too!)

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May 26, 2009
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Hey guys! Fair warning, there is going to be A LOT to read on this post... so, if you're just looking for the giveaway info, scroll down until you see the big bold writing --

As many of you know, we pride ourselves on the deals and customer service that we offer EVERY DAY of the year... but this time of the year happens to be when we offer some amazing deals over a 4 day period.

Like all of the offerings from us in previous BF/CM sales, this year's is amazing as well!

Before I copy/paste the content from our site below, I wanted to give a personal "THANK YOU" to all of you who have been customers of ours and supported us over the years. As a company, we're celebrating 10 years right now and, for me personally, I'm coming up on my NINTH year with Kegconnection. I won't go into all the mushy details, but there was only 3 of us back then that had to manage everything from cleaning homebrew kegs (you would laugh if you saw how slow I was back then) to building custom kegerator kits and getting them shipped out to you all, and some of my fondest memories came from HBT members leaving feedback on us as a company and supporting us as we grew into where we are today.

As a small token of my own personal gratitude, I've got some HBT exclusive things for you all this weekend.

FIRST -- part of our sale this year is PIN LOCK KEGS being sold at $34.95... I'm going to update this post @ 11pm CST tomorrow night(1 hour before we 'officially' launch our sale) with a link for you guys to be able to get these kegs @ $29.95! We do have lots of stock but have to limit these to 4 per customer. The price will go back up to $34.95 when we officially launch the sale at midnight so, if you're needing more pin lock kegs, pick 'em up in that 11pm-12am window.

SECOND -- we're going to be doing giveaways EVERY DAY of this sale!
The first prize to be won will be one our of PREMIUM BEER LINE CLEANING KITS.
The FIRST drawing will be on Friday @ 7pm CST. The way to enter your username into the drawing is simply by replying to this thread (we use your post # to enter into the drawing). After we do our random drawing, I'll announce the winner and then what the next day's prize will be. You'll then reply to this thread again to enter for the next giveaway.

Doing it this way will prevent us from spamming the Sponsor Showcase section with giveaway threads!

Friday's Winner - GTBrew

While the banners for our sale are listed below, they won't be active links until tomorrow (11/24) evening.

Alright guys, below is the info with details on the sales items and all the banners for our weekend sale. If you have ANY questions, email me: [email protected] .... you can also ask your question in this thread if you'd like, which will enter you for the current giveaway!



Hello Friends!

It's THAT time of the year again and we know you're just as excited as we are. This year, we're proud to offer the absolute BEST deals on homebrew supplies and draft beer equipment!

If we had to choose ONE word to sum up our sale this year, it would be: FREE UPGRADES

OK... that was two words, but you'll forgive us after learning what we're talking about!

EVERY faucet and tower kit (both homebrew configurations AND commercial configurations) will receive a FREE FAUCET UPGRADE/s to the PREMIUM CMBecker V3S COMPACT FORWARD SEAL + CREAMER FAUCET!


These upgrades also apply to our brand new TAPDRAFT: PREMIUM DRAUGHT DISPENSING SYSTEM Kegerators! These are the most durable kegerators on the market and we've knocked $200 off all base configurations PLUS we're shipping these out to you for FREE (another $200 value since these stainless steel bad boys aren't cheap to ship)!

and what would a Kegconnection sale be without amazing deals on all of our homebrew kegs?!

We've also made it extremely affordable to UPGRADE other components of any existing or future kegerator build/s you have.

For example, we are taking off TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT (25%) from ALL KEG PARTS (lids, O-Rings, valves, poppets, lube, etc) and have homebrew kegs starting at just $34.95!

Upgrade your kegerator or keezer's faucets with lowest pricing of the year on our CMBecker faucets!

Take FULL CONTROL over your pour by implementing the game changing INLINE FLOW CONTROL from CMBecker!

If you're looking to upgrade your regulator, you're in luck as our new premium TOF Regulators are on sale both individually AND as upgrades in each kegerator kit listing!

Need more gas for your system? We're selling our MADE IN THE USA CO2 Cylinders for only $59.95 AND throwing in a FREE PREMIUM CO2 WRENCH!

Start ordering homebrew ingredients for your Christmas brews now and receive TEN PERCENT (10%) OFF ALL HOMEBREW INGREDIENTS AND EQUIPMENT TOO! You are sure to find the perfect gift in our homebrew equipment section for that special person in your life that wants to begin their homebrewing adventure!

Speaking of gifts - Christmas is just around the corner and what better stocking stuffers exist than STARR BOTTLE OPENERS?! EVERY SINGLE ONE ON OUR SITE as well as EVERY CAP CATCHER are being sold at THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT (35%) OFF!

The cherry on top is that you can get everything we've discussed shipped out to you for FREE by using our promo code "BF2016" (offer valid on orders of $100 or more and for residents of the contiguous USA only)

We can't say enough how proud we are to offer these deals to you and how fortunate we feel to still be going strong after TEN YEARS of being your homebrew and draft beer equipment supplier.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting us!

Cheers to you and yours,

The Team @

BONUS, please check out our charity initiative:
I bought 4 cornies for $100 back in the day from you. You guys rocked!

Wish my wife would have listened to me and let me buy at LEAST 4 more...

count me in. wish you guys had the $89 brand new AEB 5 gallon kegs again this year. I was hoping to replace every sheety old used keg i have.