Kegconnection's BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY Sale! (MULTIPLE HBT Giveaways too!)

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Congrats to #177, Quaker! We drew your name as a winner of a CMB X2 Forward Seal & Creamer Action Faucet!

I'm PM'ing you right now!

The next prize we're giving away tomorrow (11/27/16) @ 7pm CST is: 1 $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO KEGCONNECTION.COM!

To be entered into this drawing, simply reply AFTER this comment of ours. Best of luck to everyone and we hope you continue to enjoy this holiday weekend!



Wow. Missed this and I apparently have turned off all push notifications on the app, so never saw it and continued to toss my name in the hat. Giddy up.

Haha! So sorry guys but the giveaways did end on Cyber Monday. I appreciate everyone's zeal to win though! We'll have some more giveaways coming your way soon as our Christmas sale and year end sale are coming up.

So sorry it took me a few days to clear the air! I've been in a turkey-coma and recovering from the madness that was Black Friday / Cyber Monday!



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