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  1. J

    Intertap Flow Control Faucet

    I’ve got an Intertap Flow Control faucet that I realized I can’t use with the auto shut off spring. With a toddler running around I don’t want to take chances. If anyone wants to trade for a standard stainless Intertap faucet let me know.
  2. S

    Low flow from Intertap faucet

    Hello everyone, in my keezer I’ve had two 5g corny kegs stored at 36°F, 10’ of 3/16” ID beer line hose and 12 psi. I was using picnic faucets to serve and was getting good flow, nice head, etc. Now today I replaced the picnic faucet with a Intertap stainless faucet and am getting next to no...
  3. I

    Intertap No Longer Active?

    Is Intertap still an active company? Are they currently going through legal trouble, or under some kind of injunction against selling their products? I've been doing research on Perlick vs. Intertap faucets, and after finally deciding to go with an Intertap flow control faucet, I have been...
  4. A

    Krome Dispense Shank and Intertap Faucet

    Are Krome Dispense brand shanks compatible with the Intertap self closing faucet spring?
  5. Jaspers

    Shank for intertap?

    So i just got my new Intertap FC and it doesn't fit my shank. Does anyone have an AliExpress link for a shank that would work with an intertap faucet? Thanks!
  6. lorne17

    Is my Perlick 630PC leaking?

    I just got my third Perlick faucet and expanded my 2 tap tower to 3. However when I pour from my new faucet after a couple seconds there's a small gush of beer that comes out (maybe like 1/2 oz). Does that mean my faucet is leaking? Is this going to ruin my batch of beer? Should I return...