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  1. B

    Tennessee All Brewing Items for Sale (Robobrew, kegs, CO2, Perlick taps, and more)

    Hi all, I left the hobby a few years ago now and need to part with all my stuff. I'm in Memphis and not shipping anything, but will drive to meet within 150-200 miles if you're buying enough that it's worth it. I'd prefer to sell it all at once, but I know that's probably unrealistic...
  2. M

    For Sale Custom Portable Kegerator

    Custom portable kegerator. It includes 3 gallon Corny keg. It comes with 20oz paintball Co2 tank and mini regulator. Has a Perlick stainless flow control tap (the tap that is shown is not the flow control tap that comes with it). Custom 3D printed drip tray and covers for inlet and outlet. It...
  3. The Brewed Palate

    For Sale Four tap keezer 4 sale

    500 OBO - pick up online in Elizabeth, NJ Built in 2015 Holds 4 corny kegs, but in its current set up can only have 3 on CO2 at a time. May need collar insulation and possibly a new interior co2 regulator in order to run more efficiently. Interior and exterior regulator included Tap...
  4. A

    Sold Custom Keezer/Kegerator - Northeast Ohio

    For sale - $1,000 keezer I made. Stained cedar On casters 4 Perlick Taps, expandable to 6 I have new liquid tubes and fittings included Includes 2 ball lock corns and a steel CO2 tank Includes one commercial keg post I have two 2.5 torpedos I can add for $45 ea
  5. A

    Perlick Taps and Sankey Couplers

    (3) Perlick taps all chrome plated. $50 shipped for all three. (2) sankey couplers $30 shipped for both. This is stuff I had lying around that I never used. I would suggest replacing soft goods. Visually they all seem fine and operate. One of the perlicks is a little tight.
  6. I

    Intertap No Longer Active?

    Is Intertap still an active company? Are they currently going through legal trouble, or under some kind of injunction against selling their products? I've been doing research on Perlick vs. Intertap faucets, and after finally deciding to go with an Intertap flow control faucet, I have been...
  7. weaselbob74

    5 Tap Kegerator (Chicago Suburb)

    Have kids so I don’t need as big of a kegerator. 5 Tap Kegerator Solid Oak 4 Perlick 525SS taps, room for one more or nitrogen system CO2 distribution block Temperature Control/Controller PID LED lights (Whatever Color You Want) Room for 6 corny kegs or two commercial kegs The dimensions are...
  8. brucebeernut

    Texas Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer

    Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer $1,200 FOR EVERYTHING Brewing 1 16Gal Stainless Brew Kettle - Bayou Classic 1316 Tri-Ply Stockpot w/lid $ 95.00 Bottom port w/3-piece Stainless Ball Valve - Silver Soldered, 1/2in Male NPT...
  9. W

    Tennessee Kegco 3-Tap Kegerator

    I have a Kegco 3-Tap Kegerator for sale. This includes 3 ball lock beer and gas taps, 5 pound CO2 tank, Perlick flow control faucets, metal guard ring for the top of the kegerator, drip tray. I am located in Nashville, TN. Kegco Kegerator - $525 OBO
  10. Jessee

    Virginia eBrewery Craftbeerpi System or Part Out - Bristol, VA

    For sale is my 220v 30amp 2 vessel Anvil 10 gallon brewery that I completed early last year. For everything in the list below - $1400. For all the brewery subtract the collar and inkbird - $1000 Due to my job I travel and move alot so I'm going to have to part ways with my system since it has...
  11. snarf7

    Kegerator beer lines with Perlick 650SS

    I'm new to all things kegging so I'm still learning the ropes. Got started on a keezer build this weekend. For my taps I'm using the Perlick 650SS, which feature a flow control adjuster on the side of each tap. This is my first experience with a kegerator/keezer setup so I'm getting ready to run...
  12. Killdozer666

    Rhode Island Parting out complete 1/2BBL Home Brewery and Draught System

    Complete 1/2 BBL brewhouse with water filter, inline pump, tippy-dump insulated mash tun, and custom-welded frame Complete 4+ tap draught system with chest freezer, corny kegs, CO2, and perlick faucets Full fermentation setup including yeast starting plate, lagering fridge, heat pad, and custom...
  13. N

    Texas 4 tap keezer - peklick taps

    I'm reluctantly selling my 4 tap homebrew keezer and 4 corny kegs to make some room in our garage. Includes everything you would need to use it this weekend: - 4 perlick, forward sealing brass taps - all gas and liquid hoses - all keg connections (pin lock and 1 ball lock I think is in there) -...
  14. B

    Draft Tower

    Two Faucet draft tower. Comes with two Perlick faucets. Great shape. $100 plus shipping from Palm Harbor FL. Local pick up too.
  15. Killdozer666

    Rhode Island Complete Home Brewery and Draught System - 1/2 BBL, all accessories

    - Complete 1/2 BBL brewhouse with water filter, inline pump, tippy-dump insulated mash tun, and custom-welded frame - Complete 4+ tap draught system with chest freezer, corny kegs, CO2, and perlick faucets - Full fermentation setup including yeast starting plate, lagering fridge, heat pad, and...
  16. S

    Massachusetts Perlick 525 SS / Shanks and Gift Card

    Hey guys, I’m selling 3 Perlick 525 SS faucets and 5 1/8th shanks. Also included is a growler filler that was never used and still in its packaging. Perlick PERL 525SS Keg Beer Faucet - Stainless Steel (Model: PL 525SS) Kegco SHANK5 - 5-1/8" Long Shank with Nipple Assembly - 3/16" (Model...
  17. devils4ever

    Tower/faucet recommendations

    I've had my kegerator for years (on my second one) using picnic taps to dispense my homebrew. I decided to use picnic taps since I don't drink beer everyday and I felt that this way everything is kept cold and clean including the taps and the lines. However, I've had two occasions now where...
  18. 5stringBS

    Idylis 7.1-cu ft Chest Freezer conversion

    Idylis 7.1-cu ft chest freezer from Home Depot (limited selection of brands in Alaska). The most time-intensive part was conditioning the wood. Custom-cut 1/2" foam insulation to fit within the 2x8" pine frame. Foam insulation before holes/adhesive... These pieces wedged in there nicely...
  19. hunter306

    Michigan Perlick - Counter Top SS Drip Tray w/ Drain

    Selling Brand-New, never installed Perlick Drip Tray, with easy to fit drain. Bought it and went another direction. See actual pictures. Part Number C18640A Size: 14 3/16” w by 8” Includes full dimensional installation sheet and nylon undermount washer. Price: 95 shipped.
  20. A

    California Full home brew setup, all grain.

    Long time lurker, sad to say this is my first post. Selling all of my equipment, moving into a smaller place and will have no more room to homebrew. 3 glass big mouth bubblers with harnesses, one 6.5 gallon the other two are 5 gallon. Bottle drying tree with tons of bottles. Bruery bottles...