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Apr 14, 2020
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Huntsville, AL
It's time for Fellowship of the Home Brew,
So come and try some really tasty beers.
This beer exchange is not something anew.
It's been going on for over seven years.

So pull out your boil kettles and carboys.
Find your tastiest recipes to make.
In brewing, and tasting, there are such joys.
It's not too hard; in fact, a piece of cake.

You need four good beers if you want to share.
Stout, porter, helles, wheat, or IPA.
We'd even take a sour, aged on pear.
Get your best beers ready without delay!

If you think others brew better than you:
Relax, don't worry, and have a home brew!

Welcome to the FotHB Society...membership dues are payable to @PianoMan and @TwistedGray.

How to become a member of our super secret, public, everyone is invited (well...kinda) society of FotHB traders:
1. Review the previous FotHB threads - linked at the bottom.
2. Express your interest in this thread.
3. Have four beer styles in bottles, kegs, fermenters, or otherwise in the immediate works. If you have only a single style of beer in your inventory, you have some catching up to do.
4. Send a private message to me including descriptions of your homebrew offerings (see previous FotHB rounds).
5. If you are not going to be around for the pick date/time, send me an ordered pick list so that I can pick on your behalf.
6. On pick day, submit your pick during your designated time slot. If you have sent me a pick list I'll cover you.
7. If you show up late on draft day, you haven’t submitted a pick list, and your position has been passed over, you will be the next in line after whoever the current picker is. (Example: You were pick #2 but you show up during #6's will get to pick #7, then it resumes the picking order.)
8. If you completely forget and do not show up on draft day, it will become a first-come-first-serve free-for-all.

Rules! There must be rules!
- Continental US residents only
- Must be of legal drinking age
- Participants must have at least 1 iTrader rating, of course 100% positive; otherwise, just PM me your mail trading experience. Newbies are welcomed but must be vetted by their peers. It’s best if a current or former participant can vouch for you.
- All participants are expected to leave feedback on iTrader once their package is received.
- All other matters fall under General Rule 1: Don’t be a jerk.

Note: If you have not shipped beer before and have no one vouching for you, check out the Local Only Trade thread and get involved there first. You can get iTrader feedback in time to get involved in this round of FotHB; just be snappy about it. OR offer a trade in this thread; most of us are interested in small trades to help HBT members get involved.

Offer guidelines
- Minimum offerings are 4-12oz bottles of your homebrew: ANY beer style, along with ciders, meads, hard lemonades, sours, etc.
- If possible, 4 different styles are preferred. One style is not enough, but 2-3 might be allowed depending on group consensus.
- Be willing to share recipes and explain your brewing techniques to those who request.
- Be willing to give constructive and useful feedback (if requested) on the homebrew you receive.
- Guidelines are just that, guidelines. Shipments often exceed the offering posted. Extras are not required and should not be expected. You should be OK with receiving the offer as posted.

Important Dates and Times
Sunday, 25 Jul 21 - Offers due.
Wednesday, 28 Jul 21 - List of offers, pick order, and pick times posted once all orders are in.
Sunday, 1 Aug 21 - Pick Day! First pick is at 5pm EDT, 4pm CDT, 3pm MDT, 2pm PDT.

Timeline is subject to change, depending on feedback from participants.

Caution: we have had a number of members forget the dates and times; put it in your Google Calendar and/or set reminders.

The pick order will be determined by an online list randomizer. The #1 pick is on the hook to host FotHB XV.

What happens on pick day
- The first picker will have five minutes to make their selection.
- The second picker will have up to five minutes to make their selection.
- Rinse and repeat until all members have chosen (see notes above about late arrivals, no-shows, etc.).
- There will be a timeline provided by the OP (me) that includes pauses in order to update the available offers, let people catch up, etc.

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Whole Nother Level Brewing
Jul 26, 2011
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I see I was tagged, but never got a notification 🤷‍♂️. Luckily I've been lurking in these threads ever since I entered my first one. So with that out of the way, I'm fairly sure I'm in. I've been brewing as much as ever; though which specific offerings will be contingent on the timing.


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Jul 24, 2018
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St Jacques
Sorry I missed the date! I’ll get my offer in if you guys will still take me. It should be noted that I had a busy month though and will not likely ship until late August.

If that’s ok with everyone I’ll stay in, if not I’ll bow out until next round.

I have all my ingredients ready for three beers and have two packaged and set aside already. The downside is that two of the three I need to brew are lagers.


Instagram: bantam_brews
Jan 15, 2017
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I think August will be fine, @yoop89! I have one more beer to brew this weekend, so it will be a couple of week before I can ship as well.

Get your offer in to me ASAP, and then I'll send out the offers and pick list!
Agreed. I think a month is totally fine. I’m still not at a stable final gravity for a few of my offers so I’ll be about a month as well
3 Dawg Night
Apr 14, 2020
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Huntsville, AL

3 Dawg Night

Claire M
Raspberry Blonde Ale
5.6% ABV
18 IBU
This is a simple blonde with raspberry puree in secondary. Tart and refreshing.

Green Dot
American Wheat Beer
5.0% ABV
18 IBU
Forgetting to stir batch sparge = lower-than-planned efficiency = a session beer. It still turned out pretty tasty, it’s just on the lighter end of the style.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Australian Sparkling Ale
4.6% ABV
24 IBU
I don’t know that I had ever actually tasted an Australian sparkling ale before I brewed this. I got some Australian Ale yeast out of the White Labs Vault, so I decided to give it a go. This is a pretty similar recipe of pilsner malt, a touch of crystal 20, and Pride of Ringwood hops.

Herman the German
5.8% ABV
14 IBU
I fell in love with dunkelweizens on a business trip to Germany a while back. This is my first attempt at the style.

Screaming Eagle
Belgian Pale Ale
5.5% ABV
24 IBU
Tasty and refreshing pale ale with EKG. This will be brewed in the next week, and I'll ship everything once it's bottled (likely mid-August).



My Brother’s Porter; imperial English porter (9.6% ABV) brewed for my brother’s 40th birthday. Maris Otter base with some specialty malts. Very malty with a slight roast, super smooth.

Firestone Walkers DBA clone; ESB (6% ABV) fermented with oak chips. Malty yet balanced with a strong bitterness. Dry hopped with EKG. The oak chips complement it very well.

Dark Mexican Lager; (5.4% ABV) One of my favorite styles to crush. Malty with some residual sweetness from the caramel malts. This one is still conditioning.

Fourth offering will be either a 15% imperial stout, West Coast DIPA, or a 12% English barleywine.


American Light Lager 4.2% ABV
2 row, flaked corn, Cascade, and a small amount of honey malt.
Saflager 34/70 fermented at 50°
Puppers Screaming Harmonics on Untappd Puppers - Screaming Harmonics - Untappd

"Yahhh Mohnn"
Tropical stout 8.8% ABV
Infused with toasted coconut and cacao nibs, and a vanilla bean.. I used all zamba hops in the boil and whirlpool with omega dipa 052 yeast.
Yahhh Mohnn!! Screaming Harmonics on Untappd Yahhh Mohnn!! - Screaming Harmonics - Untappd

"Perkin's X Ale" 4.5% ABV
Traditional dark mild with London ale III yeast.
Perkin's X Ale Screaming Harmonics on Untappd Perkin's X Ale - Screaming Harmonics - Untappd

"Sainnhus Mjød" 7.2% ABV
Lutra kveik beer with peat smoke malt and 2 row. A small amount of azacca hops for bittering, and a large amount for whirlpool. Half a pound of orange blossom honey was also added. Very smokey and fruity.
Såinnhus Mjød Screaming Harmonics on Untappd Såinnhus Mjød - Screaming Harmonics - Untappd

Wielkopolski's Finest 3.3% ABV
Traditional gratzer (Grodziskie) made with 100% oak smoked wheat, lubelski hops, and white willow bark. Saflager 34/70 yeast fermented cold at 50°.
Wielkopolski's Finest Screaming Harmonics on Untappd Wielkopolski's Finest - Screaming Harmonics - Untappd



Kolsch (noble hops)

Pilsner (all Saaz)

Neipa (Citra/Mosaic)

Fest Bier (Traditional German Fest)



CC Jai Alai “clone” 6.7% 107 IBU’s WCIPA
Ahtanum, Columbus, Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe.

Talus Single Hop 5.6% 39 IBU’s Pale Ale
Warrior, Talus, Kolsch yeast. Bottled one, this is it. Not my favorite, all cedar. But someone might want to taste it…

Key Lime Pie Sour 5.4% ?IBU’s Sour
Warrior hop tea, Azacca dry hop

Long White Cloud 6.4% 55 IBU’s WCIPA
Pacific Gem, Wai-iti, Moutere, Nelson, Taiheke, Riwaka

Bitches Brew 5.3% 45 IBU’s Strawberry Pale
Pacific Gem, Nectaron, El Dorado, Citra, Strata. And 7 lbs of strawberries

Blood Orange IPA 6.1% 62 IBU’s WCIPA
Magnum, Nectaron, Amarillo, Citra, Mandarina Bavaria

Smoked Helles 5.4% 25 IBU’s Helles
Perle, Spalter Select

Raspberry Hibiscus Sour 5.2% ? IBU’s Sour
Warrior hop tea, Galaxy dry hop

Hot Yoga 6% 41 IBU’s NEIPA
CTZ, Nectaron, Mosaic, Riwaka



Altbeir - a medium bodied cold fermented German style ale with strong malt character and a firm but supportive spicy hop profile - ABV : 5.6%

New England IPA featuring Enigma, Nelson, and Mosaic hops - ABV : 7.8% - a citrus and berry forward with a firm earthy/dankness that complements the profile well

New England IPA featuring Bru-1, Vic Secret, and Citra hops - ABV : 7.8% - A tropical fruit forward juicy IPA with distinctive Pineapple notes and true underlying hop flavor

Sangria de Blanca - a White Sangria inspired mix fermented farmhouse style ale fermented with Brettanomcyes, Saison Yeast, and Lactobacillus aged on Peach, Passionfruit, White Grape, Orange zest, and Oak chips, blended with Sauvignon Blanc and Dryhopped with Nelson Hops - ABV: TBA (Around 6%)

Carolina v2 - a mix fermented farmhouse style ale fermented with Brettanomcyes, Saison Yeast, and Lactobacillus aged on black berries and vanilla, dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops - ABV: TBA (Around 6%)

Binx - A wild ale fermented with a blended culture propagated from two local spontaneously fermented beers and is aged on locally grown red cherries. One culture is captured by being Koolshipped downwind from the orchard at one brewery and the other culture is collected from fermenting a beer with the microbes living on the farm's honeycombs - ABV: TBA (Around 6%)



Painting of a Panic Attack - Consecration Clone brewed in August of 2019. Been in bottles for about 2 months and I would probably age for up to another year to let the rest of the complexity shine through. Damn good today though.

Toby - Farmhouse Sour brewed in April of 2019 and Dry Hopped with Amarillo. One bottle will be the batch with Hill dregs, the other with a highly acidic strain from Trillium. The latter needs some time in bottles to age out the THP.

Ivy Bush - Its an ESB. All EKG and one of my better recipes. Currently bottle conditioning

Light Diffusing - Three bottles. One is a Saison. The second is a saison bittered for a plum addition but bottled without so it has a good bite. The third is a Plum saison.

Lily - British dark mild.

Maybe other stuff, who knows.



Pale ale that is not a clone but brewed in the style of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Dark Mild - made with all English malts, Fuggles, and Verdant yeast. Will need a couple weeks to get this one bottled.

Triple Blueberry Mead - Melomel made with Blueberry Blossom Honey, Blueberry juice in place of water, and blueberries added in secondary. Will be off-dry so not too sweet and not bone dry.

Cyser - honey mixed with apple juice and fermented with Belle saison yeast. This finished dry as the Sahara desert.

Vanilla Bochet - mead made with caramelized honey and a dash of vanilla added in secondary. Will have some residual sugars so not completely dry.



Flat Tire
Supposed to be a Fat Tire clone but not quite. Still a nice amber.
2-row, Munich II, C-80, Victory malts. Nugget, Willamette and EKG hops
13.6 SRM, 23 IBUs, 5.4% ABV

Honey Brown Ale
A recipe from Beerwildered
Pale Malt, honey malt, chocolate malt, victory malt & Special B
Cluster hops
Clover honey
20 SRM, 27 IBUs, 6.0% ABV

Big Schwartz
Köstritzer Schwarzbier clone
Recipe from Beermeister32
I haven’t done a side by side yet, but it’s a very good Schwarzbier nonetheless.
Pilsner, Munich II, Caramunich & Carafa III
Dextrose and Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hops
27 SRM, 23 IBUs, 4.8% ABV

Raspberry hard lemonade
Pianoman’s recipe
6.5%-ish ABV

German Pilsner
Still fermenting and hopefully ready to put in bottles mid- August.
All Pilsner malt with Hallertauer Mittelfrueh and Tettnang hops.
Should be about ≈
3.4 SRM, 35 IBUs & 5.0% ABV

Shipping will be when I have successfully kegged, carbed, cleared and bottled the Pilsner.




DIPA with mosaic and sabro

pre-prohibition porter

Irish Red

Meadowfoam mead



Brown Dog Ale – Centennial Dry-hopped Brown Ale based off of Janets Brown, 5.6% ABV, 60 IBU

Cass Brown – A simple Vienna Lager, 5% ABV, 20 IBU

Mexican Lager – Trying to go for something close to Modelo, this is a first rev so feedback appreciated, 4.8% ABV, 18 IBU

Cucumber Sour – A summer staple in my house, a simple co-sour with a healthy dose of cucumbers mid fermentation, 4.5% ABV, 0 IBU

Ellis Imperial Stout 2020 – 12.0% 60 IBU, my yearly Imperial Stout, this years recipe includes smoked malt, rye and chocolate.

A wine of your choosing – I will have 3 options(hopefully, maybe just two) for whomever picks my offer at the time of shipping.



Pale Ale, 2 row with some Crystal. Perle, Nugget and Cascade hops. 39 IBU, 5% Cali yeast.

Black Cat V4, a English Mild that's dark and easy to drink. Mild malt, 6 row, Black Barley, Peated malt. Helga and Fuggle hops, British Ale yeast# 3.5% 19 IBU

American Brown Ale, Chocolate, Victory, Biscuit, Oats and some others, Chinook and Helga hops, British Ale yeast. 4.1%

Altbier. Munich, Wheat, touch of chocolate malt. Tettnang hops. K-97 yeast. 32 IBU 5%

Blonde possibly if it finishes in time and I can get bottled. 2 row, Crystal, and Vienna # Centennial and Ariana hops. 4.5% 21 IBU English yeast. I have to see how this turns out before I decide if it's worth sending.



Remember: @Dgallo will be on the clock at 4pm CST on Sunday, August 1, then we'll work our way down the list. Each picker will have five minutes to make their selection. If you think there's a possibility you won't be present, get your pick list to me beforehand!

Oh, and @Dgallo is now on the hook to run FotHB XV.

@camonick wins the Easiest Pick Award!