FotHB XVII: New Year, New Beer!

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Aug 11, 2016
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Welcome to the FotHB Society...membership dues are payable to @ThirstyPawsHB (formerly known as @Pianoman) and @TwistedGray.

How to become a member of our super secret, public, everyone is invited (well...kinda) society of FotHB traders:
1. Review the previous FotHB threads - linked at the bottom.
2. Express your interest in this thread.
3. Have four beer styles in bottles, kegs, fermenters, or otherwise in the immediate works. If you have only a single style of beer in your inventory, you have some catching up to do.
4. Send a private message to me including descriptions of your homebrew offerings (see previous FotHB rounds).
5. If you are not going to be around for the pick date/time, send me an ordered pick list so that I can pick on your behalf.
6. On pick day, submit your pick during your designated time slot. If you have sent me a pick list I'll cover you.
7. If you show up late on draft day, you haven’t submitted a pick list, and your position has been passed over, you will be the next in line after whoever the current picker is. (Example: You were pick #2 but you show up during #6's will get to pick #7, then it resumes the picking order.)
8. If you completely forget and do not show up on draft day, it will become a first-come-first-serve free-for-all.

Rules! There must be rules!
- Continental US residents only
- Must be of legal drinking age
- Participants must have at least 1 iTrader rating, of course 100% positive; otherwise, just PM me your mail trading experience. Newbies are welcomed but must be vetted by their peers. It’s best if a current or former participant can vouch for you.
- All participants are expected to leave feedback on iTrader once their package is received.
- All other matters fall under General Rule 1: Don’t be a jerk.
- If you win the coveted #1 pick position that means you will host the next FotHB

Note: If you have not shipped beer before and have no one vouching for you, check out the Local Only Trade thread and get involved there first. You can get iTrader feedback in time to get involved in this round of FotHB; just be snappy about it. OR offer a trade in this thread; most of us are interested in small trades to help HBT members get involved.

Offer guidelines
- Minimum offerings are 4-12oz bottles of your homebrew: ANY beer style, along with ciders, meads, hard lemonades, sours, etc.
- If possible, 4 different styles are preferred. One style is not enough, but <4 might be allowed depending on group consensus.
- Be willing to share recipes and explain your brewing techniques to those who request.
- Be willing to give constructive and useful feedback (if requested) on the homebrew you receive.
- Guidelines are just that, guidelines. Shipments often exceed the offering posted. Extras are not required and should not be expected. You should be OK with receiving the offer as posted.

Important Dates and Times
March 15th - Offers due
March 16th or 17th - List of offers, pick order, and pick times posted once all orders are in
March 19th (Sunday) - Pick Day! First pick is at 5pm PST (8PM EST)
Time is subject to change - follow the thread for latest information as this post will become non-editable

Timeline is subject to change, depending on feedback from participants.

Caution: we have had a number of members forget the dates and times; put it in your Google Calendar and/or set reminders.

The pick order will be determined by an online list randomizer.

What happens on pick day
- The first picker will have five minutes to make their selection.
- The second picker will have up to five minutes to make their selection.
- Rinse and repeat until all members have chosen (see notes above about late arrivals, no-shows, etc.).
- There will be a timeline provided by the OP (me) that includes pauses in order to update the available offers, let people catch up, etc.

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I’ll have to pass this round. I won’t have time to brew anytime soon to make the deadline or within reason. Maybe the next round I’ll be in a better spot to join.
Still plenty of time to get in. If there is anyone I've forgotten to ping, feel free to tag them for me.

So far I've got the following participants.

@JCasey1992 (me)
@3 Dawg Night

Also, are we all good with the timeframe I've provided? My schedule is pretty flexible in the coming months so please let me know if you'd like me to change anything up.
Not sure why I can't tag CaddyWampus (maybe his profile got deleted?). If anybody knows how to get in touch with him, feel free to reach out lol. Regardless, it looks like it's shaping up to be a good round. Cheers!
Why didn’t I get tagged in this @JCasey1992 ….
Doh! I knew I'd miss somebody lol. Chalk it up to being the first round I've run. My apologies for the mistake. Do you want in? Still a little time!
Yeah I’m in. Will only have 3 beers to offer though.
Kegged a neipa last night that someone will get to try! Now just trying to decide whether to brew a Baltic porter or an Italian pils next...
Thanks for thinking of me but I don't brew enough to meet the requirements!
your beers always look solid. As long as you have 2 different beers to share everyone will be ok with it. I have 3 little ones at home. Most of the time I only have 2 different beers to share. This time I’m lucky to have 3 lol just think about it and if not, I’d still like to trade with you some time