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For Sale Anvil Foundry (NEW!), Two Fast Ferment 3gal, and other brewing stuff

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Jan 18, 2024
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Parkville, MD
I really enjoy(ed) brewing, but just can't find the time to do it any more. I bought a 6.5 gal Anvil Foundry (for 2.5-3 gal batches), put it together, leak tested, etc. but it has been back in the box ever since. I have 2 fast fermenters (conical) used for <5 brews each, a digital refractometer, hop spider, InkBird temp controller, chest freezer that will fit the two Fast Ferments, a bunch of books, a bunch of bottles, etc. I also have a bunch of frozen hops, DME, adjuncts, too. I'm looking to get around $700 for everything but would be willing to sell items individually, too. I'm in the Perry Hall/Parkville area of Maryland, just outside Baltimore (zip 21234). Let me know if you'd like pics!

Happy Brewing!
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