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  1. B

    SS Brewbucket Review

    If you have done any shopping online for brewing supplies than you have probably seen advertisements for the SS Brewbucket from SS Brewing Technologies. That was where my exposure to them began. At nearly $200 for the base model and $225 for the Brewmaster version, you might be wondering if they...
  2. lemy

    Temperature Issues Beyond Reason

    Early this morning I brewed a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. This is the first 12-gallon batch on "my" system. I possess a 14.5 gallon conical fermenter, so why not fill it? Since it was my first big batch, it was not without problems and a lot of learning. I learned a valuable lesson about combing...
  3. lemy

    Temperature Issues Beyond Reason

    Early this morning I brewed a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. This is the first 12-gallon batch on "my" system. I possess a 14.5 gallon conical fermenter, so why not fill it? Since it was my first big batch, it was not without problems and a lot of learning. I learned a valuable lesson about combing...
  4. P

    Commercial Glycol Line Chiller use with Conical

    Hey, I have a Morebeer 14 gallon conical with temperature control, but it just has a peltier chiller. I have since purchased a UBC glycol chiller. I plan on adding some sort of Chiller coil. The wife doesn't want a conical in her living room, so this is a necessity if its going to be in the...
  5. BullGator

    Infected Beer in Conical Fermenter

    I've been brewing for around 8 years and finally had my first infected batch. My question here is what to do with my conical fermenter that the infected beer is currently sitting in. I can address everything else rather simply. My concern is what about the valves. There are two valves on...
  6. DMA

    18gal or 1/2 bbl stainless conical fermenters

    Looking for 18 gal or 1/2 bbl fermenterstainless conicals. Preferably with heating/cooling systems, but not required.
  7. jamorgan3777

    Procedure for Racking from Conical?

    I have an old Fermentasaurus that I am using for the first time. I was wondering if anyone had a "best practice" for racking fermented and dry hopped (IPA) into a cornelius keg. The catch bottle that comes with it is not big enough for all the yeast residue so I emptied it once, cleaned and...
  8. T

    Massachusetts Blichmann 7 Gallon Conical (NPT)

    Selling my conical after going back and fourth with the idea. Its only been used twice and has all of the parts and pieces inside. NPT fittings. $400
  9. M

    Massachusetts Spike Conical parts - Carb Stone and CIP Ball

    Carb Stone - used once - New cost = $65 Selling for $40 https://spikebrewing.com/collections/conical-accessories/products/carb-stone CIP Ball - never used New cost = $55 Selling for $35 https://spikebrewing.com/collections/conical-accessories/products/cip-ball Both Items can be picked...
  10. effeffe

    Immersion coil vs jacket

    I am considering stainless steel conicals for common homebrewing sizes, say in the 5-20 gal range; some use immersion cooling coils (like Ss Brewtech and Spike Brewing) and some are jacketed (like Glacier, Stout, and Brewers Hardware). At these sizes, what are the differences? Besides price...
  11. W

    Tennessee Spike CF5 and SS Brewtech Conicals For Sale

    I have two conicals for sale in the Nashville, TN area. The first conical is a Spike CF5 Conical and the second is a SS Brewtech 7 Gallon. Both are in great condition and function like new. Spike CF5 Conical - $500 OBO Included Accessories: TC100 Temperature Control System, Carb Stone, Gas...
  12. S

    North Carolina 4 FastBrewing FastFermenters for sale

    4 bodies - hoses, collection ball 4 stands 3 Thermometers 3 sets of wall mounts 1 extra body that has a leak on the thermowell threads. I was considering drill it out and capping the whole off. Retail is normally: Body - $100 Thermometer - $22 Stand - $32...
  13. Sbe2

    How to dump trub out of a conical without making a mess

    Any suggestions? I have a Spike cf5 with a 2-inch butterfly valve and a 90 attached to the bottom. When I open the valve into a 5 gallon bucket, shiatzu sprays everywhere. I have thought about putting on a reducer, say a 2 to 1/2”. Eventually I will get the yeast brink from NorCal, but am...
  14. S

    1bbl electric Spike Brewing NANO

    Selling off our never used Spike 1bbl nano. This system includes a 4 element Electric Brewing Supply BCS control panel set up to allow the run of two 5500 watt elements at once. This is selectable one each kettle or two in a single kettle. I am including everything in this deal; kettles...
  15. M

    Indiana Blichmann Conical 14.5 gallon for sale - Asking $500

    Customized Blichmann 14.5 gallon conical for sale. Casters, leg extensions, tri-clover fittings, 1" drain ball valve, thermo-well, extra lid gasket, extra weight for lid.
  16. M

    Pennsylvania SSBrewtech 14 Gallon Unitank Conical with FTSS Chiller/Heater

    I am selling my very lightly used Unitank. This is the 14 gallon version and it will include everything that came with it stock from SSbrewtech. I also have the leg extensions and casters with it as well as a FTSs extension cable for the pump. I have brewed about 5 batches in it and it is in...
  17. A

    Multiple trub dumps from conical, lots of beer loss

    I've searched quite a bit to find an answer to my dilemma and am not finding what I'm looking for, so here goes. I recently upgraded from carboys and buckets to an SS Brewtech Chronical fementor for all the obvious, beneficial reasons. My first brew in it is a Wee Heavy. I used 20 lbs of grain...
  18. M

    Colorado 14 gal morebeer cooled conical $400

    14 gal, morebeer thermoelectrically cooled conical for sale. It can cool wort to 20 degrees below ambient temp, dropping slowly about 1-2 degrees an hour. It is all stainless steel and all openings are welded 1.5” TriClamp connections. It has a 1.5” TC opening in the lid to drop in ingredients...
  19. U

    Illinois Fermenting and temperature control equipment - $200

    Purging equipment from recent upgrades, make an offer if you buy the whole lot, $200 for everything (over $370 in equipment) pictures of each item below: 2 Fastferment 3 gallon conical fermenters, brand new never used in box $40/each or both for $60 Stainless steel dry hopping tube, 2...
  20. M

    Fastferment 3 gallon seal issue

    I started a batch of cider in my new fastferment 8 days ago. The issue I seem to be having is that the top lid doesn't seem to be closing tight enough and is allowing a bit of c02 to escape the side. Should I bother racking into secondary or just wait 3 more weeks to bottle? Also the airlock...