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    Oxygen control in fastferment conical

    Hello, I'm about to start a 5 gal batch of medium sweet mead in an 8 gal fastferment conical. I plan on using the collection ball to do the "racking" so the mead never leaves the conical until bottling. The aerating, degassing, and staggered nutrient additions look like they will be easy...
  2. B

    First Time FastFermenter

    To all my fellow FastFermenters: I am using the 3 gallon conical for the first time. I attached a larger mason jar to the unit, and after a week of fermentation, I've got an 8oz mason jar full of trub, as well as an additional 1L of trub in the fermenter. I am trying to figure out the best way...
  3. D

    Colorado All Grain Brewing Setup - Everything Must Go!

    I've been brewing less and less these days and now with an 8 month-old I have even less time. I am selling my complete setup for $650, but I am also willing to piece it out if necessary too. Brewing Setup I am...