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  1. Intron1979

    For Sale Anvil Foundry (NEW!), Two Fast Ferment 3gal, and other brewing stuff

    I really enjoy(ed) brewing, but just can't find the time to do it any more. I bought a 6.5 gal Anvil Foundry (for 2.5-3 gal batches), put it together, leak tested, etc. but it has been back in the box ever since. I have 2 fast fermenters (conical) used for <5 brews each, a digital refractometer...
  2. G

    For Sale Brew-in-a-Conical System: $2500

    Mash, boil and ferment all in one compact vessel! This 6-gallon batch size electric homebrew system uses the "brew-in-a-conical" ("BIAC") technique to allow all-grain brewing in a single compact vessel. While the mash and lauter steps are similar to a kettle-RIMS (K-RIMS) technique, the BIAC...
  3. prah

    KLARSTEIN Maischfest all grain system... is it worth it?

    Greeting to all the amazing homebrewers out there! I'm in the middle of thinking on how to optimize my brew day, I brew on the kitchen stove and I'm getting tired of the ridiculous amount of times that I need to get the worth to boil and all this stuff. My most frequent issues are: I only own...
  4. B

    Single Vessel Brewing Systems Pt1 - Overview

    Homebrewing is a hobby that can be as complicated or as simple as you want it. And homebrewers are likewise varied in what aspects they enjoy most. There are those that are just out to do something different than the norm, those that love to build and create sophisticated custom brewing systems...