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  1. Intron1979

    For Sale Anvil Foundry (NEW!), Two Fast Ferment 3gal, and other brewing stuff

    I really enjoy(ed) brewing, but just can't find the time to do it any more. I bought a 6.5 gal Anvil Foundry (for 2.5-3 gal batches), put it together, leak tested, etc. but it has been back in the box ever since. I have 2 fast fermenters (conical) used for <5 brews each, a digital refractometer...
  2. A

    For Sale Northeast Ohio - Barley Crusher, Kettle, Last Straw, Bottle Tree/washer, Books

    Last straw bottle filler system - $70 Barley crusher - $100 Bayou Classic - 14 gallon kettle with lid, valve and insulation - $80 Bottle wash station tree and injector - $30 Books (see photos) - $5 ea
  3. S

    Great Books/Sites/Videos on Yeast Microbiology?

    I majored in Microbiology in college and, like many I'm sure, I did not use the knowledge of my degree for much of my current profession. I do, however, still find the topic very interesting! I'm looking for a few books and other media types that go into the very scientific processes involving...
  4. L

    The Homebrew Recipe Bible: Book Review

    “If you’ve ever wanted to learn to brew beer from an expert, look no further. Award-winning homebrewer Chris Colby of Beer & Wine Journal offers recipes for every major style of beer to teach novice, intermediate and advanced brewers more about the craft and science of brewing. From classic...
  5. DanInSydney

    Beer Books

    New to brewing and looking for some book recommendations. Nothing heavy, just simple please! • Types/styles and classification of beer • How to book - all grain brewing, basics on equipment etc • Beer history Thanks!
  6. jeremybwilson

    Looking for the best all around cider brewing book for the old man

    As much as I want to rely on Amazon ratings, I'd rather get some feedback here and head for the local HBS. I live in Seattle, I don't need any more Amazon in my life as it is. ;)
  7. B

    California Brewing Books for Instant Library

    $80 + shipping takes the lot. Let me know if you have any questions. Shipping from Los Angeles or local pickup is just fine. The Brewers Apprentice (Greg Koch and Matt Allyn) Craft Beer (William Bostwick and Jessi Rymill) The World Encyclopedia of Beer (Brian Glover) Sacred and Herbal...
  8. Bobbaugh3


    anyone have any books to expand ones knowledge on mead? I have looked into “make mead like a Viking” and I might pull the trigger.. seems current and there is a bit about wild fermentation in there.
  9. N

    Looking for a brewing book

    A long time ago I had an educational book on brewing. I remember it being a GREAT resource, but I can't remember the name of the book... but I do remember one very specific example from the book. In this section the author described the process of enzymes converting starches into usable sugars...
  10. H

    Equipment for sale pick up only

    DB86A623-D4AA-46EA-921A-EE23617C3657 by hops4me posted May 20, 2018 at 7:42 PM,homebrew equipment for sale pick up only make offer some or all Colma ca 94014 All for $300 books for $20
  11. C

    Best Brewing Books

    I'm curious what you guys think are the best books on brewing - what are your favorite reference texts? What about best recipe (clone or otherwise) books? What about in depth texts on single styles? In my own experience, Papazian's "The Joy of Homebrewing" has some great information, but...