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  1. Intron1979

    For Sale Anvil Foundry (NEW!), Two Fast Ferment 3gal, and other brewing stuff

    I really enjoy(ed) brewing, but just can't find the time to do it any more. I bought a 6.5 gal Anvil Foundry (for 2.5-3 gal batches), put it together, leak tested, etc. but it has been back in the box ever since. I have 2 fast fermenters (conical) used for <5 brews each, a digital refractometer...
  2. Flyingpond

    Looking for advice on an electric system, Anvil 6.5?

    I’m new to the group and kind of new to brewing after taking more than a 20-year break being a dad. Lots of things have changed. I’m starting to build a brew system and I’m loving the all-in-one electric systems I see. I’m thinking about the Anvil Foundry 6.5. I will mostly do 2.5 - 3 gallon...
  3. V

    For Sale Small Batch Equipment - Very Gently USED -- SFV/SO CAL

    Hello All- I have some equipment that was only used for 1 batch. I switched to a small batch setup but then had another kid and just ran out of time and interest to keep up with the hobby. Sadly I need to cut my losses again. Here is what I have: Anvil 5.5 gal brew kettle - $90 $80 $50...
  4. C

    For Sale Anvil Foundry 10 Gallon with Pump $400

    10 Gallon Anvil Foundry: - 120/240 volt capability unit (I had 240 plug adapter made for me so it can brew in 120 and 240, if you have the proper outlet). - pump with all of the necessary attachments. - 240 v adapter plug - immersion chiller - Used for about 25 brewing sessions and has worked...
  5. octavez

    For Sale 2 x Anvil Stainless Bucket Fermenter - 4 gallon - Brand New Unopened

    Hi everyone, I have 2 x Anvil Stainless Bucket Fermenter - 4 gallon, brand new, unopened in shipping box, ready to go! $90 each + shipping. Shipping available in the US. I'm in Oregon.
  6. F

    For Sale Anvil Foundry 10.5

    I am looking to sell my Anvil 10.5. Bought back in August. Probably have 8-10 beers brewed on it. Really like the product just short on time with 2 kids and my job. All parts come with it. Small batch adapter also with it. Asking $400 for everything. I’m in the DFW, Texas area. Happy brewing!
  7. cmac62

    Anvil Foundry still tops

    I recently purchased a AF 10.5 and am interested in using it to distill. I know the t500 fits without any adjustments, but I was hoping to find a pot style. Also, the lid that it comes with has a hole for the recirculation hose. Can I use a stopper to close this when distilling. I have seen...
  8. 8

    Yet Another 240 Anvil Question

    My wife's kiln has an outlet I want to use for 240v. She's got some kind adapter so I've got two plug options: match the adapter or the wall plug. Wall plug is marked NEMA 14-50R and 50A-125/250v. I can't quite read the marking on the adapter. I'm including pictures of both, the 4 prong outlet...
  9. V

    California Anvil Kettle & SS Brew Bucket —- LA

    I bought both items new within the last 6 months, but recently made decision to quit drinking. Both items are unused. I am in Los Angeles and prefer pick up at this point. Thanks- For Sale: Anvil 5.5 Gal Kettle = $90 SS Brew Bucket 3.5 Gal = $100 For those looking to do small...
  10. B

    To those who have added an all-in-one as a *second* brew system...

    I'm an outdoor propane brewer, but I'm thinking of adding an all-in-one system (most likely the Anvil Foundry) to allow me to brew when the weather is bad / too cold / too hot, as well as maybe sneak in some weeknight batches. How do you guys like having one of these as a second / backup...
  11. L

    Getting 220V to Anvil Foundry

    Question on the Foundary and 220V. I just ordered the Foundry 10.5 system with pump kit. According to my HBS it is on backorder unitl mid-July pending pump availability. Whilst I wait for my system, I'm ponding getting 220V to it. I've read a number of posts on 220V and GFCI which leads me to...
  12. Birdgunner

    Thank you Anvil for making me even lazier

    Or is it more efficient? lol I stopped chilling wort and been doing the no chill with great success for the last 7 years or so but now with the recent addition of some Anvil fermenters it allows me (safely) to dump the wort right into the fermenter, wait 24 hrs to pitch the yeast...more like...
  13. javert

    Anvil kettles upward inlet?

    Hi. Minor question: I've ordered three 20 gal anvil kettles to up the batch size since the brand gave me some confidence. However, I didn't notice but these kettles only have a bottom hole and ball valve for emptying them but doesn't have any hole and valve up near the top for filling them...