Accentuating phenols and esters in witbier

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Dec 3, 2023
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I am (hopefully, if I can get done with the “honey-do list”) going to make a witbier this weekend, even though this is the third week I’ve said this…anyway…

I have been reading on lallemands website about best practices for their Belgian Wit strain and it suggests pitching at a lower rate in order to stress the yeast and thereby increase the esterey/phenolic flavors. I have a couple of questions
Has anyone tried this? How did it go? Any pointers?

With the whole under pitching thing, I will have leftover yeast so can I use that instead of CBC-1 for bottling?…more specifically, how would I find the pitch rate for bottle conditioning with this strain?
repitch a 6th generation slurry into a lager grain bill and then ferment it warm with wide temp swings and it will taste like bubblegum clove banana and bandaids. dont ask me how i know.

With a witbier you want to accentuate the Belgian phenolics a bit, but not too much. I use Lalbrew Wit yeast at 68 F, and it seems like the phenolics are slight. To my wife's palate it is perfect. So seeing that you're trying to get the "honey" done, I think it might be as easy as that! Pitch one packet of yeast and keep it at 65-68 F, and you should be fine. And you shouldn't have to add yeast to bottle condition. There will be enough yeast in suspension to carbonate your beer.
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