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  1. C

    Major Ice Build Up In My Coffin Kegerator

    I built a coffin kegerator about six months ago. Made for four taps but just has one installed currently. Put my first beer in about four months ago and kicked it about a month ago. I’ve been sooo busy I have been unable to clean my lines out or brew another beer until now. Kept the kegerator...
  2. @RoyalGallon

    Dry hopping temperature

    What do people think of the idea that the temperature you dry hop at can impart different flavour characteristics to the beer? Generally my standard dry hop regime is to finish fermentation then cool the beer from around 20C/68F down to 14C/57F and add hops. Leave for 3 days and then crash cool...
  3. B

    Temperature Control for American Amber Ale

    Hello all, Am making an American amber ale from the Brewing Classic Styles recipe book. The recipe calls for fermentation at 67F/19C, but can anyone tell me if there are temperature step increases/decreases for ale fermentation like there are for lagers? Or is it a simple 67F until...
  4. marlinmatt

    Emerson Temp Controller

    Emerson single stage temp Controller 16E09. Control refrigerator temp independent of it's thermostat. Great for controlling ferm temps. $30 + 15 shipping if needed Thanks Matt
  5. AntDoctor

    Heating a keezer/fermentation chamber: best options?

    I am using my custom-made keezer as a temperature-controlled fermentation chamber, at least during the holidays. I was checking the temp while I was away (it sends the temperature info to a server via the Wi-Fi) and I noticed that it wasn't oscillating or even reaching the minimum temperature I...
  6. S

    DIY Temp Control for Fermenter

    Hi, I’m fairly new to homebrewing Through reading, I’ve come to learn how crucial temperature control during fermentation can be. With this said, I would like to attempt to build a DIY temp control setup and have an idea that I was going to attempt but wanted to first get some input as to...
  7. W

    Yeast and drastic temp changes

    So, I have a new controller and wanted to ferment in my keezer. (Nothing else was in there at the moment). I put in my fermentation bucket that has a probe inside of it. I plugged in the fridge to the controller. It took the temp all the way down into the 50s. So i thought maybe the basement...
  8. Midgardmiller13

    White whispy mead sediment after fermentation

    Hey guys, my last three batches of mead have turned up with this weird looking yeast post ferment and it smells very sour. I haven't run into this problem with the last 10 gallons I've made though. I was wondering if anybody has run into problems like this. I don't think it infected as I'm very...
  9. Aidkb97


    Hi I’m doing my first homebrew and I’m on day 3 of fermentation, just wondered if some more experienced homebrewers could take a look at the images and help me confirm no bacteria’s gotten into it. Also my current temperatures at about 17.6c and is this a bit too warm for fermentation and will...
  10. J

    Between Brews: Controlling Gas Fired Burners

    There is a strong trend these days toward hot side temperature control, whether merely to maintain stable mash temperatures or to permit automatic temperature ramping, as for step mashes or for mashout. The majority of systems seen use modern electronics combined with electric heating elements...
  11. T

    New or Used Fridge for a Fermentation Chamber?

    I should probably begin with where I brew, as I believe this has played a huge role in my process. I live and brew in south Mississippi. Our 95 degree heat in the summer provides another challenge in the process of fermenting. I know what you are thinking, “Just put the fermenter in the cool...
  12. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft - Control Your Temperature

    When I look back and think about all the hours I've spent reading about beer brewing over the years I can't believe there's still something out there that I haven't tried incorporating into my brewing process yet. One year my push was into brewing all grain, one year was all about yeast...
  13. Sergiy

    Fermentation temperature

    Hi everyone, i met an issue at the beginning of the fermentation. Temperature grows up to 32C and fermentation process was very active. After 48h it stoped, temperature 22C and airlock looks dead. Yeast was MANGROVE JACK'S CS YEAST M15 EMPIRE ALE I have 2 question 1) Should i handle this...
  14. DanInSydney

    How does temperature fluctuation affect my brew during fermentation?

    After consulting Dr Google i understand: 1. If too hot the yeast will freak out and I’ll risk a banana/solvent flavours 2. If too cold the yeast won’t ferment the sugars Is that correct? What about during fermentation? Can’t seem to find anything explaining what could happen if temperature...
  15. U

    Illinois SOLD

    2 half barrel BME Chronicals with FTSS2 (heating and cooling temp control). Includes blowoff canes, temp control bracket, leg extensions, casters, and shelf. Both cooling pumps are brand new. $900 for 1 ($900/each) $1,700 for 2 ($850/each) Cost if purchased new: 1/2 barrel BME FTSS2 Equipment...
  16. M

    Brewing a cyser with Voss kveik yeast from Omega; temperature question

    Hello mead heads, I’m getting some Voss kveik yeast from Omega yeast in Chicago. I want to make a cyser and the temp range on this one says 62-95 degrees F. However it also says best fermented hot! I do not have temp control equipment and my basement where it would be is 68 F. Can anybody tell...
  17. H

    Tilt hydrometer for temperature control

    I'm not sure if someone else has already done this so I decided to share this idea with you. So once I bought a Tilt hydrometer which I'm very pleased with I started thinking of how else I can use it so that those 135 bucks are paid off. I came up with this idea of a fully wireless...
  18. U

    Illinois Fermenting and temperature control equipment - $200

    Purging equipment from recent upgrades, make an offer if you buy the whole lot, $200 for everything (over $370 in equipment) pictures of each item below: 2 Fastferment 3 gallon conical fermenters, brand new never used in box $40/each or both for $60 Stainless steel dry hopping tube, 2...
  19. Washington_Brewologist

    Finally got a chest freezer need advice on most effective way to set up temp control

    Hey guys! So I finally found a chest freezer that was big enough for my two fermenters and also has room in case I decide to brew bigger batches. I used my Ink-Bird temp controller on my kegerator for the last batch of beer I brewed so I have a decent idea of how it works. For the kegerator, I...