Conical fermentation temperature control

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Dec 21, 2020
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OK, so I don't want this to come across as a stupid question, However I have tried my best browsing the web and simply cannot find the appropriate solution...

What is the best way to control the temperature on a stainless steel concial fermenter?

I am still relitively new to the homebrew scene but I am hungry to get stuck into it and continue to grow my knowledge in the hobby. I am at the stage now where I want to expand on my kit and upgrade.

I am aware of the ways you can control fermentation temperature using tools such as fermentation chambers (with a fridge and an inkbird etc).

Ive also seen the grainfather temp control conicals but ideally want to stay away from them due to the price range. This goes for the glycol chillers also.

I've been looking at the Klarstein concials which sit at an OK price range for me at the moment. However, I don't see any feasible or constructive way to maintain their temperatures..

Is it as simple as sticking those in the fermentation Chambers just as you would a plastic vessel? I've not seen anything online to suggest so, which is why I ask the question.

Any advice would be very welcome, thank you!
If you can fit the conical in a fermentation chamber, that would be (IMHO) your best option. Since a glycol chiller is out, the next option is to pump ice water through a water chilling system, which uses a submersible pump, some tubing and something similar to CoolStix