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  1. TheGC

    Soy Sauce beer yeast as Koji?

    Yep! Exactly what you've read! I've read some people talking here and other places about making beer with koji, to see what it makes and all. But.. what if we go the other way around? From what I've got, Koji is there just to be a know and safe culture to ferment the soybeans. So.. what if I...
  2. R

    DIY Propper/Fast Pitch?

    Hey all, Had a question about yeast starters. I recently used a can of Propper I picked up at a local HB store for a starter, first time I used it I had previously just made starters from boiling water and adding DME. But a guy got to thinking…DME is pretty cheap and at the low end a can of...
  3. Lizzard98

    Stuck fermentation fix? Have i just done it wrong?

    Hi, I'm very new to brewing and I have started with mead. The recipes and advice I followed didn't mention anything about measuring the starting gravity? I am trying to make a gorse mead, started it about 6 weeks ago. It was only in the primary for 4 days as that was what was suggested. I...
  4. Djangotet

    House yeast strain using starters?

    I am pretty low tech but I am very curious about making a house yeast mix. If I make a yeast starter with 3 different yeasts and use the slurry to make more and more starters, would this create a unique flavor over time? If I just leave the starter constantly going in my fridge then wouldn’t...
  5. T

    Wilko Premium Wheat Beer Help!!

    Hello I'm just starting my brewing hobby having brewed only 2 batches (first was an American Pale Ale kit - followed the instructions religiously, the second was a St Peters stout kit which I added 500g lactose sugar and cocoa nibs). Today, I have used a Wilko Premium Wheat Beer kit (limited...
  6. pinemarten

    Volcanic Starter Overflow - Contamination Problem?

    Hi Folks, I have a starter that’s erupted twice now and I’m concerned about nasties using what’s on the exterior of the flask as a ladder to get into the good stuff. I’m also concerned about how much good yeast has either left the building entirely or is stuck to the interior wall of the flask...
  7. B

    Pitched warm yeast starter into cold wort. Advice?

    I brewed a German Pilsner yesterday. 10 Gallons at 1.059 OG (first brew on a new rig and overboiled a tad). So my OG is higher than desirable. I made a 5L starter of WLP830. However, after decanting, the yeast cake on the bottom of my flask was really thick and stuck to the bottom. So I chilled...
  8. P

    Multi-step starter and yeast generation count

    Hi guys, A quick question for you. Let's assume that generation 0 is the initial generation of a fresh yeast package. If I do a two-step starter and then harvest some yeast, is the yeast harvested generation 1 or generation 2 yeast? Thanks, PL
  9. laurakeating

    What's wrong with my cider?

    This is my first batch ever. I used a storebought, pasteurized, 100 percent juice with a wild yeast starter I made from storebought apple juice and organic berries. A few days into fermentation I noticed stuff growing on top that smelled like yeast. What is it? My cider doesn't smell bad, it...
  10. MikeScott

    Advanced Yeast Starter Techniques

    In the last 3 years, I've had a really significant jump in the quality of my beers, and I've attributed it primarily to great yeast health and viability. As the saying goes, brewers make wort, yeast make beer. There's a crazy amount of information out there about yeast health and starters, and...
  11. yungalb

    Brownish yeast after starter

    Hello fellow brewers. Pitched half of my lager starter into a German Pilsner yesterday, and the other half into a jar to keep in the fridge, like I usually do. But today when I checked the jar, I noticed it was browner than the rest of my yeast. See photo of WLP028 and this yeast for...
  12. Sergiy

    Frozen wlp yeast

    Hi everyone, I put my wlp yeast in freezer by mistake and pack was there for about 2 week. Do I have a chance with a starter or they are dead?
  13. Sr_X

    How to start brewing cider

    Hello there. I am absolutely new to the brewing world, however I would ardently like to prepare my own cider. Short story, I lived on a country where finding cider was easy, and then after a few years, the situation changed and the country where I am located now has a lot of fruits, but...
  14. T

    Yeast starter help

    Hi, First time using liquid yeast. I did a starter and the plan was to overgrow the starter so that i can save some for the future. Calculator told me that I need approximately 184 billion cells for the 20l batch (5.3 gallons), and 100 billion cells for future use. I used stir plate and...
  15. danielthemaniel

    Yeast Discs in Starter

    I made a yeast starter today using White Labs English Cider Yeast. It has a best by date of 2/17/2021. I checked on the starter about 3 hours into it and saw these weird yeast discs. I've seen yeast flocculate together but the consistency of the discs is intriguing. I know it's probably just...
  16. K

    Preparing A Yeast Starter Using Canned Wort

    In my previous article Wort Canning To Save Time, one commenter questioned where the time savings were. Well, ask and ye shall receive! In this article, I'll show you how I use pre-canned starter wort to make preparing a yeast starter an extremely quick process. As I mentioned in the previous...
  17. T

    My RIMS System Brewday

    I have been brewing on my Recirculating Infusion Mashing System (RIMS) for a little over a year now, and am loving every minute of it. When I first started all-grain brewing, I could never quite get my mash temperatures right. It would always be too high or too low after adding the grains to the...
  18. G

    For Starters. Flatulence, Flasks and Fermcap

    There are many benefits to making a yeast starter, and a plethora of threads on this forum discussing their merits and the techniques used to make them. It was through my involvement in one such thread I discovered that some people consider making a starter in an Erlenmeyer to be potentially...
  19. Nate R

    Did i pitch too much lager yeast?

    Hey all. So i finally realized the economies of making large yeast starters and saving some. I did a 5 gallon batch of a basic pilsner. I added what is probably about a 2 to 3L starter size of wlp800. I picthed at 47, then let it rise to 54 where i am holding it. This is only my second lager...
  20. micraftbeer

    Lazy Man's Starter- Ran out of Propper Starter at Inopportune Time

    So I've been using Propper Starter for a while now. I love it, it's so convenient. I pour the starter can in the flask, then fill up with distilled water, pitch the yeast, and set it on the stir plate. But alas, I needed to get my starter going tonight, and I found I had run out of Propper...