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  1. Jmm_4

    For sale: huge amount of homebrew stuff

    Make you’re own beer. Everything to brew and keep kegs cold. Well over $2000 invested. Blichmann burner, Vissani keg, multiple pots, grain mill, glassware, chugger pu,p, propane tank, two CO2 tanks, mash tun, tank, huge amount of accessories. Literally everything you need. Close to 80 magazines...
  2. T

    Colorado (FS) Spike Brewing Mash Tun/Boil Kettle + more

    I am selling the following items together and I am willing to ship if you are willing to pay for shipping as all the items are still in their original shipped box and packaging. All are brand new and have never been used at all and were made by Spike Brewing: Included are: 20 Gal Boil...
  3. ceritz

    Missouri Blichmann 14 gal Fermenater $550

    NPT version. Great Condition. Casters and Extension included. Reside near St. Louis, Missouri
  4. tateconcepts

    WTB PicoBrew Pico C with Smart Brewing Keg

    Hello, I'm seeking a used Pico C unit with included smart brewing keg, all cleaning accessories and anything you have. Will pay cash, local pickup in Dallas / Fort Worth only. PM me directly Brian
  5. Praiodan

    Washington NIB Grainfather w/ Connect

    Hey all, I have a brand new in box Grainfather with the bluetooth connect control box that I got as a gift. I already have one and love it, so I'm asking if anyone in Washington or close vicinity would want it at a discounted price. Asking 900, which is about 100 cheaper than the units on...
  6. WoodenLegs

    South Dakota Sabco "Brew Magic" V350MS and lots of extras - $8k

    Bought new in 2010, this Sabco system has helped create many signature recipes and started what is now Wooden Legs Brewing in Brookings, SD. The system itself has been kept in great, working condition, and includes many additional parts and extras, including a ChillWizard heat transfer...
  7. W

    Looking for: Used Grinder and Press

    Looking for a used cider press and mill/grinder, preferably together. I have a small orchard that will come into decent production next fall, so I am looking for something on the scale of serious hobbyist to commercial grade equipment. I am in Northern WV - Southern PA area, and in grad...
  8. T

    For Sale 3 tier gravith keggle system

    I am parting ways with my 3 tier keggle system. I live in San Diego, CA. I am willing to deliver up to a certain distance.I have only brewed on this system once. I am a professional brewer with and no longer have the time. Every peice of equipment is in great condition. Included in the purchase...