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  1. johnbr

    Pico Brew Zymatic For Sale - Needs Repair - $450 or Best Offer

    This Zymatic has been brewed on one time. My asking price is $450 but will entertain best offers. Last week I tried to do a second brew and have been repeatedly getting error #1 code. I bought the Zymatic new in this forum in November 2018 on this thread: Minnesota - PicoBrew Zymatic - new...
  2. N

    Illinois Set of 3 Keggles Setup for 15 Gallon Electric Brewing

    For Sale: Set of 3 Keggles Setup for 15 Gallon Electric Brewing. Includes: (1) HLT with 50ft. HERMS Coil, 2" Weldless Tri-Clamp and Sight Glass (1) Mash Tun with False Bottom (1) Boil Kettle with 2" Weldless Tri-Clamp, Sight Glass, and Temp Probe All Keggles are complete with 2 piece Weldless...
  3. emlombardo

    Pennsylvania Complete All Grain Setup - $600 - Near Pittsburgh, PA

    I got out of brewing with some health issues a couple years ago and never got back into it so I'm finally selling all of my equipment. Asking $600 for the whole lot but will consider any offers. Pickup only. I'm about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh in Cranberry Township. Happy to answer any...
  4. T

    Colorado Turnkey Homemade Brew Stand (1/2 bbl)

    Located in Denver. Selling my turnkey home built 1/2 bbl brew stand. This system was built on heavy duty rack shelving with locking casters and provides easy liquid transfers without heavy lifting. This system includes a homemade temp controller that is used to maintain mash temperatures...
  5. SkoobaSteve

    Two Tier HERMS Brew Stand and Equipment for sale

    Gentlemen, The wife and I recently welcomed our first kid into the world and naturally, the rig is having to find a new home. I built this rig over the past 5 or so years. It’s a two tier HERMS with 3 keggles, a chugger pump, plate chiller and two burners all on casters. Between the HERMS...
  6. G

    For Sale Grainfather Connect, SS Brewtech Brew Bucket, and much much more...

    1. Grainfather G30 Connect 110V - All-in-one brewing system 2. Grainfather Hop Spider - Hops basket for the Grainfather Connect 3. SS Brewtech 7 gal Brew Bucket x 2 - Fermentation tank 4. SS Brewtech 7 gal FTSs x 2 - Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System with SS Brewtech CO2 blow-off...
  7. gordol

    Colorado For Sale, Denver, CO: $5000 - Custom built stainless steel electric induction HERMS brewery setup, includes EVERYTHING!

    Custom built stainless steel HERMS brewery setup, includes... Built this myself, it's a legit setup. Custom built HERMS system 10 gal BK w/ 3000w induction 10 gal HLT w/ 1800w induction 10 gal MT w/ custom made stainless steel false bottom stainless steel bulkheads, valves, and thermowells...
  8. J

    carboys / equipment / kits for sale (san francisco)

    hey all, just found this forum so crossposting a few items i just put on craigslist... various carboys -- $5-15 by size -- carboys for beer brewing - general for sale - by owner extract kits -- $10/ea -- 5gal homebrew beer kits - antiques - by owner - collectibles sale intro equipment kit --...
  9. micraftbeer

    Michigan 20-Gallon Brewtech Infussion Mash Tun

    $315 20-gallon SS Brewtech Infussion mash tun. This is their insulated mash tun, ala a stainless steel wrapped cooler essentially. Very cool false bottom and domed bottom drainage set-up. I got this about 1.5 years ago, thinking I would have a need for making bigger batches, but that never...
  10. H

    California Everything you need to home brew (LA area)

    After a decade-long run in this hobby, I've found that I am just not brewing much anymore. Given that, I'm looking for a good home for all my gear. I have pretty much everything you would ever need for home brewing, from a grain mill to kettles to buckets to carboys to wort chillers to bottle...
  11. W

    Tennessee Grainfather complete setup

    Grainfather with Connect Bluetooth controller and alembic pot still, Grainfather conical fermenter with upgraded temperature controller, Grainfather sparge water heater, mash paddle, and hop spider. Received the Grainfather as a gift in 2014. Have added on the other items since. Lovingly cared...
  12. K

    Selling everything (leaving the hobby)

    Hi all, First time poster, long time reader. I have recently decided to give up alcohol after around 6 years of home brewing. Since none of my close friends have the room & interest, its time to sell all of my brewing related things. Prices are negotiable. I'm near Rockford IL and would be...
  13. V

    Blichmann Beer Gun V2 For Sale

    Blichmann Beer Gun V2 For Sale! I will also include an attachment that allows for a seperate CO2 connection so that your purge PSI and filling PSI can be different. Asking $70 + shipping.
  14. B

    Pennsylvania Blichmann setup for sale

    All equipment is lightly used and in good working condition. Not looking to split it up right now X3 blichmann boilmaker 10 g kettles. One has blichmann false bottom. X2 blichmann tower of powers X1 blichmann hop rocket X1 blichmann therminator X3 extra blichmann valves X1 chugged pump Table...
  15. E

    Complete & Extensive Wine & Beer Making Supplies

    For Sale: Complete Wine & Beer Making Kit (4) 5 gallon plastic “Better Bottle” carboys (3) 5 gallon glass carboys w/added neck handles (3) 6.5 gallon glass carboys w/added neck handles (1) 3 gallon glass carboy (2) 1 gallon glass jugs (1) ½ gallon glass jug (2) 350ml graduated cylinders (4) 5...
  16. Jglover17

    Canada Ontario (GTA) - 6 20L used Schaefer kegs for sale $30 ea

    Hi all, So a local restaurant that I frequent was clearing out there keg storage and informed me they had a bunch from an old brewery that is now defunct. I took a bunch of them, more than I needed, so now I have 6 available for sale. I'm asking for $30/ea or $120 for all 6.
  17. P

    Texas Pin lock kegs for sale

    Hey everyone, I have 14 pin lock kegs I’m looking to get rid of for about $45 a piece. I can throw in some new seal kits and gas/liquid connectors. For pick up in the Dallas,Tx area but I’ll consider shipping them as well. They’ve all been used recently and are in good shape.
  18. M

    California Complete 2" Tri-Clamp Stainless 4500w Ripple Element

    I have two complete 4500w 2" tri-clamp stainless heating elements for sale. Used for two batches. Elements were assembled with: Stilldragon tri-clamp element housing Hubbell L6-30P plugs ebrewsupply stainless 4500w ripple element 10/3 SJEOOW cable Fray resistant cable sheathing One complete...
  19. W

    Tennessee Spike CF5 and SS Brewtech Conicals For Sale

    I have two conicals for sale in the Nashville, TN area. The first conical is a Spike CF5 Conical and the second is a SS Brewtech 7 Gallon. Both are in great condition and function like new. Spike CF5 Conical - $500 OBO Included Accessories: TC100 Temperature Control System, Carb Stone, Gas...
  20. W

    Grainfather for sale - NOVA/DC

    As much as I hate to do it I am going to part with a fairly new Grainfather Connect. I only had a couple brews on it before I moved into a place that doesn't support 5 gallon batches anymore. So sadly I need to part ways with it. Comes with the insulating jacket, the counter flow chiller and...