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Colorado For Sale, Denver, CO: $5000 - Custom built stainless steel electric induction HERMS brewery setup, includes EVERYTHING!

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Jul 19, 2020
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Denver, CO
Custom built stainless steel HERMS brewery setup, includes...

Built this myself, it's a legit setup.

Custom built HERMS system
10 gal BK w/ 3000w induction
10 gal HLT w/ 1800w induction
10 gal MT w/ custom made stainless steel false bottom

stainless steel bulkheads, valves, and thermowells. this setup was built to last a lifetime, the only replacement parts that will ever be needed are gaskets and silicone tubing. everything else is high quality stainless steel.

stainless steel food-safe pumps
1/2" silicone tubing
quick disconnect camlocks

two 7 gal ss brewtech conical fermenters
chest freezer temperature controlled fermentation chamber

dual 5 gallon kegerator with perlick taps, custom built, steel tap tower

i also have the parts needed to build an automated brew controller with relays and PIDs, but never got around to it.

includes a bunch of brewing books: yeast, malt, water, hops, great beers, designing great beers, and a few others.

NSF rated water hoses, lead-free fittings, dual stage water filter attachment (standard 10", needs new filters and housings)

includes 240-208v transformer, breakers, receptacles, GFCI, etc...
residential power drops are usually two phase, with 120/240v legs. commercial buildings usually have 3 phase, allowing 480, 240, 208, and 120v. the 240-208 buck transformer allows the 208v 3000w induction cooktop to run properly from residential 240v power.

i also have a bunch of random throw-ins like irish moss, lactic acid, whirlfloc, PBW, starsan, assorted frozen hops, and more...

rough parts inventory:
2x 7 gal fermenters, herms coil, 3x 10 gal pots, 120v induction cooker, 208v induction cooker, 240/208v transformer, mini chugger pumps, quick carb, false bottom, mini fridge, kegerator parts, stainless prep table, counterflow chiller, chugger pump, fittings / valves / cams, temp controller, gfci, refractometer, tilt wireless hydrometer, thermowell, bulkhead thermometer, chest freezer, digital refractometer, 2x 5 gal kegs, fermenter heater, temperature controller, pipettes, magnetic yeast stirrer, digital ph meter, 50a spa panel, 6-50 extension cord, 14-50 extension cord, 10-30p, 6-20r, 5-20r, temp controller parts, hop strainer, mashtun strainer bag, nsf water hoses, 5 gal glass carboy, beer books, tools, and piles of odds and ends like cleaning/sanitation agents, boil additions, frozen hops, gaskets, fittings, valves, etc...


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