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Colorado Turnkey Homemade Brew Stand (1/2 bbl)

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Apr 24, 2013
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Located in Denver.

Selling my turnkey home built 1/2 bbl brew stand. This system was built on heavy duty rack shelving with locking casters and provides easy liquid transfers without heavy lifting. This system includes a homemade temp controller that is used to maintain mash temperatures through a immersion heat exchanger in the mash tun. The system is similar to a HERMS setup but requires pumping liquid instead of wort (increased efficiency and easier cleanup than typical HERMS). Here are the specifics, let me know if you have any questions or want to come see the system operate with water.

Hot Liquor Tank: stainless steel 15 gallon pot with weldless (threaded) bulkhead to 1-piece ball valve with camlock fitting.

Mash Tun: 1/2 bbl (15.5 gal) converted keg with weldless (threaded) bulkhead to 3-piece ball valve with camlock fitting. Also includes stainless false bottom and copper heat exchanger. The heat exchanger utilizes pump (included) to recirculate hot liquor from HLT to maintain or increase mash temp. Temperature is controlled through home built controller (STC-1000 base).

Boil Kettle: Converted 1/2 bbl (15.5 gallon) keg with weldless (threaded) bulkhead to 3-piece ball valve with camlock fitting. Also including stainless hop spider (shown in pictures)

Mash Temp Controller: STC-1000 controller with dedicated duplex receptacle. Used to initiate pumps and maintain mash temps when used in conjunction with Hot Liquor Tank. 120V system.


HLT: standard bayou banjo burner (boils in 20-30 min)

Boil Kettle: High output banjo burner (boils in less than 10 min from mash temps)


Hot Liquor Pump: March Pump with poly head with 1-piece ball valve and camlock fittings.

Wort Pump: Chugger with stainless steel head with 1-piece ball valve and camlock fittings.

Heat Exchanger: 15 plate counter flow with camlock fittings for on wort connections.


Includes set of 3 hoses cut to specific lengths that will facilitate a brew session. Each hose has camlock fittings on each end.

This system runs on propane, I’ll include a 20# Tank if you need one that can be refilled or traded at any grocery/gas station.

Looking to get $450 out of this one. Thanks for looking!